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Playable Cats Version 4.0

Don't just have a pet cat--BE one!

  1. More stuff! And sounds!


    • New cat sounds, both for getting hurt and for chatting with other cats.
    • New furniture! Okay, so it's only two pieces thus far, but it's a start.
    • A new, craftable, throwable item called glassball. It makes a very nice shattering sound. ;)
    • The catcrewmembermedic NPC was fixed. It doesn't use custom weapons, but eh.
    • More inspection quotes. I eventually plan on making all the major clues have custom descriptions from cats, but it's really repetitive and boring work. So I do it a little at a time.

    The new items should automatically be unlocked as blueprints, but in the case that they don't, you can spawn them in like this:
    /spawnitem wreckedplant-recipe
    /spawnitem glassball-recipe
    /spawnitem cardboardbed-recipe
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