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Plushbound - Plushies, stickers and more! 1.79

Ever wanted some more cuddly companions or stylish stickers? Look no further!

  1. alexhei1
    Have you ever wanted some more cuddly companions or stylish stickers to decorate your home with?
    Well, look no further! This mod adds a whole bunch of them and more extra objects to decorate your upcoming arcade with!

    Just one more thing before I get to the details...

    The 2nd community-made wave of plushies and stickers has arrived!

    Land ahoy! This wave brings DOUBLEthe amount of user-submitted adorable and stylish decor than that of the first wave!

    With 150 new plushies and 36 new stickers I cannot express how impressed and grateful I am by the amount of submissions that the returning folks and newcomers have amassed!

    Thanks to all of these kind people, Plushbound as well as the entire universe of Starbound have become even more colourful!

    This update also fixes the issue where both Penguin and Letheia claw machine licenses were unobtainable. This caused players to be locked out of obtaining a different, not luck-based, method of obtaining plushies and stickers.
    Check your local Penguin claw machine to get started on that method!

    The credits of everyone involved in the event have been updated accordingly in the "Thanks, Dear Customer" codex.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through this announcement.

    What does this mod add?

    - 60 unique plushies (+216community plushies) including sets for Stabound's vanilla species, crossovers from other games and a few extra sets.
    - 21 different stickers (+61community stickers) to plaster on your walls.
    - 6 unique placeable vendors with differing stock.
    - 10 extra objects to decorate an arcade/diner with.
    - An arcade workshop, from which you can access most of this mod's contents.
    - And some more extras!

    Great! How do I get started?

    The new "Arcade Workshop", which can be crafted at the "Inventor's Table", will be be a key station for accessing most of the mod's content.
    Apart from that, prize capsules with plushies inside them can be bought from the two new claw machines placed in both vanilla Starbound's and Anom's Outpost.

    Community submissions are sold at the "Community Prize Dispenser", that you can craft at the Arcade Workshop.

    The Arcade Workshop also offers access to two separate checklists, with which you can determine what plushies/stickers to find in which prize capsule/sticker pack.

    Plushbound also comes with a custom "Plushbound Tracker", which gives you an organized overview of all the plushies and stickers you can collect!

    There are more ways of getting your hands on this merchandise, but I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you now, would I?

    What about compatibility?

    As I mentioned earlier, the claw machines can also be found in Anom's Outpost near Terramart and the Beakeasy without any conflict (that I know of).

    Plushbound has built in Wardrobe support for the few clothing items it offers.

    The claw machines will also offer card packs added by Trading Cards, if it's present.

    There is one slight quirk with the vending machines when using Starextensions...
    So, uh.. those machines might start breathing, if Starextensions is installed.
    A future fix for this odd issue may be possible, but that's not up to me.

    Otherwise, this mod should be conflict-free!
    Do report any issues you encounter with this mod, provided with a FULL log (very important!).

    Credit where credit is due!

    LemonMelon (GreatLemon), for creating almost everything and allowing me to use his assets for this mod. Without him, this mod wouldn't be here in the first place!

    Silver Sokolova, for creating custom vending machines that can be added to locations like the Outpost without any issues!

    All participants of the community events for Plushbound!

    And YOU, for at the very least taking the time to read through this page!

    Here's a link to my server, theIntergalactic Tea House, if you feel like getting more updates on my other projects or to share your submission for the event:

    Now have a good one of whatever you feel like!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. Plushbound Thumbnail + Community.png
    2. Community-Made Additions.png
    3. Plush Showcase (scaled).png
    4. Sticker Showcase (scaled).png
    5. Screenshot 2023-04-09 100825.png
    6. 367540_20230408142441_1.png
    7. Second Community Wave (finished - scaled).png
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