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Powerful Hats+ Pleased Giraffe

Over 100 hats to refine!

  1. Surn_Thing
    Some hats can allow you to safely walk along the ocean floors of poison and lava!

    Purpose of this mod: To make hat collecting more fun and to make hats more useful!

    With this mod installed: when you find a hat, put it in the refinery and chances are it will come out more powerful! Some may ask "Why not have them enchanted from the start like in the original powerful hats?". In the original, the hat powers only affected the one with the mod installed- but here once a hat is refined the hat powers "stick" so you can share it with your friends over multiplayer!

    The effects given to each hat falls under 5 categories:

    Armor Re-balance:
    I've taken the best attributes of the 3 highest tier helmets and have put them into one helmet setup:

    MaxEnergy = 72 Protection =24 MaxHealth = 24 Attack Power = 150%

    You may find this and re-balances of this such a half or even all the attributes put into attack power.

    Glass Cannon:
    These game changers nullify armor and significantly reduce health. In exchange they also give strong powers.

    A couple setups have the main armor re-balance with one of the stats swapped with some other effect.

    These allow for easier exploration including "flight" and immunity to liquids (as seen above).

    An assortment of strange effects - some of which don't even make sense on the surface.

    There's a couple other minor things this mod does. It adds HUD icons for liquid immunity, no fall damage and nitroglycerin (seen above). It also removes, from the normal costume treasure-pool, vanity items already found in biome chests and replaces them with otherwise unobtainable hats relevant to this mod.

    Also included is a cheat_speedboost sub-mod which greatly increases the power of the speed boost effect. This is not necessary to install - it's there for those who enjoyed the effect on the horse head in the first powerful hats and want it back.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.