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Project Knightfall Upgrade Version

A Starbound Expansion Mod

  1. The New Horizons Update

    At last! After a grueling 7 months of work, of ever changing designs and tedious development, Knightfall's 1.7.0 'New Horizons' Update is finally here!

    With this new update comes a new beginning for Project Knightfall. To some extent, this update is a sort of re-release, or a rework of the original overpowered weapons mod that it used to be.

    But, with time, comes change, and it is evident that Project Knightfall is not merely a weapons mod anymore, no, it's evolving into a fully fledged expansion and story mod for the Starbound universe, and 1.7.0 is the perfect start of this evolution; a transition to a new horizon.

    Let's begin with what's new in this update! There's honestly way too much to list down if I listed every new item or changed item added into the update, so I'll keep the features simple and easy to digest for everyone. Included in this update are:
    • A new tiering/progression and class system.
    • 3 new armor sets, complimented with new helmets and decorative pieces.
    • A large variety of powerful new weapons.
    • New drones and pets.
    • A large amount of new props and decorative objects.
    • A new suite of stylish and futuristic blocks.
    • An augments suite complete with 11 unique augments.
    • An overhaul to the crafting and shop UIs
    • Powerful defensive turret emplacements.
    • Major balance adjustments and changes.
    • New vfx, sfx, and sprite adjustments for old items.
    Cheers, and enjoy!
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