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Raffadax Complete Production 3.1.8

140 Trees, 135 Crops (60+ Multi Yield Drop Crops), 15 Machines, 7 NPCs, 5000+ Artisan Goods

  1. Raffadax

    Seven new shops are added to the game in the form of mythical creatures located in different zones of the game. As you increase friendship with the shop-keeps, they will sell you better items. This is flavored as though you are leaving offerings to the nature spirits, and you are being rewarded for your services.

    You are able to produce just about everything that the vendors sell with the right mods. Everything necessary to produce the divine wines cycles through their inventories at random.


    - 135 New crops

    • Tea leaves can be processed into several different types of tea, in addition to black tea. White tea becomes yellow, rooibos becomes red, black can be processed into an additional tea as well; all done via "realistic" means. There are 100+ teas that can be made with this mod. All teas have unique tea sachets and kombuchas, most have a "tea leaf" or dry mix as well.

    - 140 New Trees
    • Plums become prunes in dehydrator, pimento become allspice, grapes become raisins. These new items also act as "fruit" for production purposes.
    • Some of the trees and crops are "legendary" or "mythical" (ie: Yggdrasil which has a Bifrost Flower) which appear as top tier crops.
      • Most "divine crops" can be ground into a dust that can be used as an additional "crop" item.
      • Port wines and port meads from these crops have unique names, and can be used as a starting point to produce "Divine Libations" in a keg with the correct ingredients. These are like potions, are difficult collect components for, and are highly valuable. There are a lot of these, their input instructions can be found in Grimoires near the new NPC vendors. They can be traded to the Valkyrie Statue for Divine Weapons.


    * Please note that PFM Automate is required if you want the Automate mod to function with my machines.
    • Auto Mill - Grinds items into fine powders, dusts, and flours
    • Beverage Keg - Makes sodas, lemonades, and specialty beverages.
    • Deluxe Preserves Jar - Makes Jellies that can become Jams and Compotes. Pickles mushrooms and nuts. Makes floral jellies.
    • Deluxe Wine Keg - Makes Wines that can become Brandies and Ports, also makes Meads, Balsams and Port Meads. Makes floral wines.
    • Distillation Tank - Distills liquors and brandies.
    • Dry Packer - Packs tea sachets, cereals, and other items for store sale.
    • Fermentation Tank - Ferments beers, sparkling wines and sparkling ciders.
    • Flow Hive - Turns flowers into honey that can be used to make nectars, jellies and tiered meads.
    • Fragrance Extractor - Makes perfumes and colognes from flowers and other aromatic items.
    • Incubation Tank - Can be used to grow yeasts, bacteria cultures and algae.
    • Juice Keg - Makes fruit juices, vegetable juices and floral waters.
    • Magic Cauldron - Can be used to combine certain special port wines and meads with magic components to craft divine libations.
    • Milk Keg - Produces non-dairy milks from seeds and nuts.
    • Oxidizer - Processes teas, dehydrates, dries.
    • Puree Jar - Makes fruit purees, nut butters and other smooth artisan goods.
    • Tea Keg - Keg that makes teas from flowers, herbs and certain other ingredients.
    • Dye Washer - Dyes wool to make colorful fabrics.
    • Paint Mixer - Mixes colorful paints. This is flavored as selling directly to Leah.
    • Tea Packer - Makes Tea Sachets which can rapidly brew tea in Keg and Tea Keg


    * Please note, these are for Raffadax crops and vanilla game assets only...

    Crops have production for:
    -Wine, Brandy, Port Wine, Sparkling Wine, Honey, Mead, Balsam, Port Mead, Sparkling Mead, Jelly, Jam, Compote, Honey Jelly, Butter, Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice, Pickles, Tea, Tea Sachets, Kombucha, Liquor, Nectar, Grinder, Dryer, Dehydrator, Oil Maker, Mayo Machine, Non-Dairy Milk, Perfume, Roasted

    NEW NPCs:

    - Seven new friendable NPCs as shop-keeps. Their item availability is linked to their friendship points.It is advised that you read the mail they send. They send very detailed mail that explains how a few mod specific things work.
    - Full unique gift tastes for every item for every character in the game (including Leo), the new NPCs, and the following original NPCs:


    • 50+ New Items
    • Feathers, antlers, shells, shark teeth, mushrooms.
    • Kelp found at beach has vegetable artisan production.
    • Some items only appear when it is storming or snowing.
    • Some "legendary items" can be found very rarely (1/1000) that can be sold or made into valuable items.

    • 60+ Divine weapons which can be traded for divine wines at the volcano caldera.



    - AMANRA - Calico Desert by southern cliffs (Near Desert Totem in SVE).
    - ASTRID - South-east beach Ginger Island
    - COYOTE - Quarry
    - PUCK - Secret Woods
    - SHUCK - Witch Swamp
    - XOLOTL - Ginger Island Jungle Shrine

    - MEPHISTO - Sewers
    - VALKYRIE STATUE - Volcano Caldera (Weapons added as each of other vendors reach 10 Hearts)



    - AUTO MILL - Clint - 5 Hearts
    - BEVERAGE KEG - Sam - 5 Hearts
    - DELUXE PRESERVES JAR - Marnie - 5 Hearts
    - DELUXE WINE KEG - Kent - 5 Hearts
    - DISTILLATION TANK - Lewis - 5 Hearts
    - DRY PACKER - Pierre - 5 Hearts
    - FERMENTATION TANK - Gus - 5 Hearts
    - FLOW HIVE - Robin - 5 Hearts
    - FRAGRANCE EXTRACTOR - Sandy - 5 Hearts
    - INCUBATION TANK - Demetrius - 5 Hearts
    - JUICE KEG - Alex - 5 Hearts
    - MILK KEG - Maru - 5 Hearts
    - OXIDIZER - Caroline - 5 Hearts
    - PUREE JAR - Pam - 5 Hearts
    - TEA KEG - George - 5 Hearts

    - MAGIC CAULDRON - Wizard - 10 Hearts (+ 5 Hearts Each: Amanra, Astrid, Coyote, Puck, Shuck, Xolotl)


    - DYE WASHER - Emily - 5 Hearts
    - PAINT MIXER - Leah - 5 Hearts
    - TEA PACKER - Elliott - 5 Hearts

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. BANNER.png
    2. Spring Crops.png
    3. Summer Crops.png
    4. Fall Crops.png
    5. Winter Crops.png
    6. Machines.png
    7. NPCs - Location.png
    8. NPCs - Shops.png
    9. Desert Trader - Shop.png
    10. Forage.PNG
    11. Weapons Master BG.png
    12. Excel.png
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