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Raffadax Teas and Trees 2.0.0

66 Trees, 28 Crops, 4 NPCs, 50+ Foragables, 7 Machines, 60+ Weapons

  1. Raffadax
    Raffadax Teas and Trees is too large a file to post here, please download from Nexus.


    Below is a quick overview, a more detailed description can be found on Nexus.

    Please see the Nexus page for a description of which additional mods are required and which are optional.


    - 28 new crops

    Crops.png Crops 2.png

    - 66 New Trees
    - Some trees and crops are mythical plants.


    • Oxidizer - Processes teas, dehydrates, dries.
    • Dye Washer - Dyes wool to make colorful fabrics.
    • Paint Mixer - Mixes colorful paints.
    • Flow Hive - Produces honey from flowers.
    • Dry Packer - Packs tea sachets, cereals, and other items for store sale.
    • Auto Mill - Grinds items into powders and dusts.
    • Distillation Tank - Distills liquors and brandies.



    • Tiered productions for jelly, mead and wine.
    • Over 4000 unique artisan goods.

    - Optional content packs available for the following mods:
    • Abreeman Alternate Milk
    • Artisan Valley
    • Produce to Sapling
    - Production built in for the following mods:
    • Custom Cask Mod
    • Farmer to Florist
    • Kaya's Mead Keg
    • Lucky Clover
    • Produce to Sapling
    • Wilsonch3451 Perfume Maker

    NEW NPCs:

    - Four new friendable NPCs as shop-keeps. Their item availability is linked to their friendship points.

    NPCs.png Shops.png


    - 60+ Divine Weapons craftable in the Volcano Forge using difficult-to-acquire "Divine Libations" as a component.



    - 50+ New Items
    - Some weather specific items.
    - Some "legendary items" can be found very rarely (1/1000).


    Please see Nexus page for fuller description of mod.

    Trees Master WBG.png

    Crops Master WBG.png

    Weapons Master BG.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.