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SD Starbound Tweaks 2.0.1 [Pleased Giraffe]

Powering up the near useless.

  1. Segenam
    This mod is now out of date and most features have been either added to the main game, replaced or made useless. I will be working on an other mod that has what little I can salvage from this mod added to it but for now this mod is dead.

    For Pleased Giraffe

    This is a collection of changes I've made to some of the weaker weapons/tools in Starbound.

    One Handed Spear.png
    Spears: Spears are good and all but they've never seemed useful compared to most other weapons, sure they have their "slightly" longer reach and aiming but after all weapons gained the ability to be aimed to an extent and two handed swords gained the ability to block they became out shined by other weapons.

    They have been altered in two ways. first spears are now one handed making them usable with shields as one would expect you to be able to. However being one handed in order to keep them balanced their damage has been lowered and attack speed has been increased slightly making them the half way point between one and two handed weapons.

    Harmless Staffs.png
    Staffs: Staffs are the single most powerful weapon in the game. Though they are made nearly unusable in multiplayer and are a pain to use in single player, not only can you not move nominally (Yay for blink tech) when charging them if you fire too close to your friends or colony, pop goes your buddies or if your enemy moves in too fast you end up damaging your self more than the enemies do.

    Only thing that really needed to happen was the removal of the "universal" damage on the staffs making them much much more useful, and casting on your self becomes a decent strategy.

    Bows: Bows tend to be more of a pain to use rather than fun. "Oh I need leather/meat for this quest may as well make a bow I'll never use again after my first piece of leather/meat."

    They've been modified just a bit. First off they should now draw a bit faster so missing is less of a painful feeling and have been made so you have a full minute to hold the draw back to get the powered shot on all bows rather than losing it after 0.2 seconds.

    One Handed MM.png
    Matter Manipulator: Before you were only able to grip the matter manipulator with both hands.

    Now you can hold it in one and a flashlight in the other, underground mining has never been brighter (well until you get the lantern on a stick, or it's upgrades). Just carry it in your left hand to mine the foreground and right to mine the back wall.

    just right or left click the manipulator to change it to the left/right hand.

    Watering Can: Watering was honestly quite painful, just because you miss a spot you have to wait before aiming and trying again, may as well be trying target practice with water balloons.

    Now watering cans are twice as fast and no delay allowing fast watering of crops with out any stress.

    Throwing Weapons: Although throwing weapons are good, and some of them are very useful, it seems very few seem worth even putting on your hot bar...

    Now not only do you get more of them from chests (no weights were modified only the number you get when you get them) but other changes were made to these specific throwing weapons.

    This new table is where all craft-able throwing weapons have moved to be crafted, cutting down a bit of the clutter in the normal crafting table.

    it is crafted at the normal wooden crafting table for 4 iron.

    Throwing X: Throwing spears were originally worse than the Hunting Spear; You use iron to craft them; You got less of them and they did less damage than their hunting spear counter part; and the axe and dagger versions were based upon the spear making all of them just as bad.

    Now not only do you get more per craft. The throwing spear does a bit more damage than the hunting spear, the axe does twice that and the daggers deal one third of the axe damage. making the three quite a bit more damaging while still keeping the trio balanced among each other.

    On top of that the ninja throwing weapons (Stars, Kunai, Needles and Darts) have been altered their damage, added to treasure tables and can be crafted after being picked up for the first time.

    Thorn Grenade: A very powerful grenade, easy to use but had one big flaw, every time you threw it your screen was covered by a blast of needles. Nearly unavoidable damage you end up suffering per use.

    Now the needles no longer damage you or your friends, though it's still never a good idea to get too close to an explosion.

    Tar Balls: Always been fun to lob blobs of tar at random enemies slowing them down allowing easier slaughter of innocent creatures or quick escapes from strong opponents. How ever, their range was horrible, they did nearly no damage making a gun or shield a much better off hand weapon.

    Now their damage is... well enough to be compared to a poor pistol, how ever their velocity is much greater allowing more accurate shots from much farther away making them quite usable as an offhand weapon and even better than a shield for the more tricky adventurers.

    Hive Bombs: BEES! While fun for a random item the bee bomb was nearly useless, not only is their no way to craft it (only available in chests... or not, saw it in the hive biome chest treasure pool but never seen it in game) but they did nearly no damage at all and could hurt you as well.

    Currently these viscous bomb of flying stinging swarms have had their potency boosted a bit to bee on par with all other explosives how ever bees are still dangerous buggers and you did just throw a bomb made out of their hive so bee prepared to get stung if your too close.

    Refinery: The refinery became useless in the PG update when selling was introduced, not only did it give you slightly less pixels than selling ores/ingots but storing pixels as voxels was nearly useless unless you planned on ding multiple times (and no one "plans" on dying)

    I've removed the Pixel reduction on Voxels and doubled the amount of pixels you get from ores now this device is actually worth the cost to make it.

    Once everything on your ship, your lantern on a stick, your tech and your manipulator have all been boosted to their maximum these items just start filling up your inventory with no use.

    they now a value to them so they can be sold to merchants (not bought though there is an other mod out there for that.)

    Plutonium Ore.png
    Plutonium Rod.png
    The ore that many pass up, not used in crafting other than for mods, and you can collect other fuel faster and easier.

    Now their potency as ship fuel is better use than other forms and much more worth it to hunt it out on moons.

    Plans for the future:
    Daggers: you have to be in a monster's face being chomped on for them to be any good, well hopefully you've brought a lot of healing items if you plan on using these.

    Thrown Weapons: Even more changes?

    Just Unzip into your Starbound's mod folder.

    Other Info:
    If there is anything you want me to add, bugs you've found, crashes, spelling errors, general comments please leave them in the discussion section rather than in the reviews.

    If you have any information on how to modify the bows in more ways let me know, I wasn't able to make all the changes I wanted to them (specifically lowering energy cost without altering damage).

    This is the first mod I've released so I hope you all enjoy.


    I do have ask before use in a mod pack and the like. Not because I'm a stingy selfish person who wants to hold on to my purely text changes to Star Bound (most of witch are just a simple changing of true to false) but rather I want to know where my mod is being used and try out the fun mod packs it may be used in and possibly help with compatibility issues if any.

    Though if I do die or vanish for one full year after star bound has updated with a branch that breaks this mod, and I am not responding. Most likely I'm not coming back so feel free at that point to do some necromancy and bring my hard work back, I'd rather not have my work die... as long as it stays on this form and I at least get... some... credit.

    How ever I will not support uploading my mod on other websites nor pure re-uploading the mod with an other name and author... I did do at least some work.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LexyV
    Version: 2.0.1 [Pleased Giraffe]
    It's a really nice mod :3 i like the 1handed manipulator, though there is a problem with that.. I can't seem to remove background with the matter manipulator?? Is this a bug that has to be fixed or am i not doing it right?
    1. Segenam
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the post.

      As for the issue. As listed in the section on the Mater Manipulator you got to hold it in the other hand to mine out the back wall. This is currently a limitation in starbound with one handed items I do not know how to fix.
  2. L3W
    Version: 1.2.1 [Pleased Giraffe]
    I actually wanted to make my Fairy Bow shoot fire arrows whenever you fully pulled the bow back and released it. Now I can do that thanks to your mod!
    1. Segenam
      Author's Response
      Thank you, happy I can help!
  3. Lonewolf239
    Version: 1.0
    This saves me a post to the suggestions category of the forums. Seeing the matter manipulator being held in one hand sold it for me.
    1. Segenam
      Author's Response
      Surprisingly I almost left that feature out, wasn't sure if people wanted that mixed in with weapon changes. Thank you, I'm now happy I left it in.
  4. McAule
    Version: 1.0
    I like it. Seems intelligently rebalanced weapon usage.
    1. Segenam
      Author's Response
      Thank you for Reviewing, I try my best to keep things balanced, never liked the overpowered mods.