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Outdated Ship Yard 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)

Block-based space station with docked regular ships.

  1. Ship Yard Now Implemented for All Races!

    I am very happy to report that characters of every non-modded Starbound race can now have their own ship yard!

    Aside from this, there are a number of other changes:
    • Moved the Ship Yard's bridge into one of the hallways to make more room for building.
    • Fixed an exterior door that was breaking on upgrade to Tier 4.
    • Fixed a 1 block shift in the entire Novakid ship on Tier 7.
      • This one really ticked me off, because I found it after I set this mod up for all races and had to fix multiple files.
    • Each race has it's own ship furniture in place.
    • Each race has their Ship Yard built out of blocks and platforms that suit them.
      • I used Stone Tiles and Stone Platforms for the Hylotl, because I wasn't sure what to use. It looks pretty, though.
      • The Novakid didn't seem to have any suitable blocks/platforms (since there's no Novakid content, yet), so I built theirs out of Ancient Blocks and Ancient Platforms. It looks vaguely like a dirty train station, so I think it seems to fit them well enough.
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