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Smart Crew 1.3.5

When you don't like your crew moshing on the teleporter making ya'll look line a canned sardines.

  1. Anchors and More!

    • Added more anchors for each crew role (except for Jannie)
    • Fixed most of the behavior issues specially sleep, sit and patrol ones
    • Fixed chat activity to be more compatible with the current state of each crew (mostly happens normally when both parties are idle)
    • Normalized several sections of the codebase
    • Smart crew is now fully independent of the wander behavior and is now using it as a part of it, and more others!
  2. Behaviors!

    • Added more personalized behavior on the config file
    • Added "chat" and "patrol" to the activities
    • New behavior types included from the vanilla
    • Fixed crew getting anchored on items that aren't on the "ground" (That bug where they face the opposite direction in a quick loop)
    • Fixed crew sleeping in bed then suddenly wakes up and then repeats it
    • Fixed crew looping through all chairs
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  3. ~ Bug Fix

    • Fixed crew randomly dying due to empty schedule table check
    • Updated core functions for performance improvements
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  4. ~ Bug Fix

    • Fixed crew dying issue when warping on a planet or star due to shipDay reset
    • Removed unused task scheduler condition filter
  5. ~ Bug Fix

    • Added non-vanilla crew member internal scheduler.
    • Updated behavior to only trigger if the crew isn't following his or her recruiter.
    • Fixed issue where non-vanilla crew having a death-spawn loop bug.
  6. Activities, Tasks, Schedules and Reactions!

    • Crew members now have an internal daily schedule which means that they won't stick on the anchors permanently.
    • Individual crew's schedule have activities/tasks which is set every "ship day". This means that they have several activities/tasks everyday!
    • Current activities/tasks include "lounge", "roam", "sleep" and "work".
    • Lounging crews will make them sit around on chairs nearby.
    • Roaming crews will patrol your ship at random places.
    • Sleeping will vary from the crew's...
  7. Stability!

    • Updated core functions to the latest Starbound Update.
    • Mostly code cleanup (independent files and patches) and some programming stuff. As for the rest of it, I won't go full nerd about the details.
    • Setup a Github repo (still private at the moment).
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  8. Config and More!

    • Added config file (anchors.config)
    • Added new preset anchor items for Chemist, Engineer, Janitors, Outlaws, Soldiers, and Tailors.
    • Updated code to cater the new config file.
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