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Smashing Weapons Version 1.6

Adds Super Smash bros themed weapons

  1. Sparklink
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    Smashing Weapons Title.png

    Adds weapons inspired by the Super Smash Brothers games.
    All weapons can be crafted on the Smash Table.
    There are exactly 20 weapons for you to craft, and three armor sets.


    There are 20 unique weapons to chose from. All weapons and armors are crafted using normal materials plus Smash Tokens which can be crafted at any furnace. You can use the Smash Forge crafting station to upgrade your weapons, so that you do not have to let go of your favorites.


    There is also a new Hero profession for your crew members. They wear a green uniform and have slightly improved stats, they also wield weapons featured in this mod.

    You can also place a colony deed with the smash forge and smash table to get a special tenant who will always become a Hero profession crew member, when he is ready to join.

    The armors are tier seven and can be dyed the color you prefer.
    20170215170503_1.jpg 20170215171025_1.jpg 20170215171054_1.jpg
    If you are having problems with the mod please let me know on the discussion page. For quickest and easiest help please tell me what action made the game crash, and what mods you were running along side it.

    Please give a review.
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    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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