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Spawnable Item Pack - Spawn all items for free! v1.3.2.4

Spawnable Item Pack allows you to spawn thousands of items for free.

  1. Version

    • Upgraded variants of special weapons can now be spawned.
      • Your chosen weapon level is still used. The actual item level the game uses is 6.
    (Version changelog:)
    • Blueprints can be spawned for items that support them.
    • Codices have been added to the item list.
      • The Spawnable Item Fetcher will also find codices.
    • Added category for codices.
    • You can search for species items by typing the full species name ("human",...
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  2. Version

    • The interface will remember your previous selections (category, search text, rarities).
    • You can now filter items by rarity.
    • By dropping an existing item on the item slot (to the right), you can create copies of the item.
    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions on GitHub!
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  3. Version 1.3.2

    • The mod now uses the Quickbar rather than Manipulated UI. Please note that those two mods will not work together. You can find the Quickbar Mini mod in the zip release.
    • Select the color for your clothes.
    • Select a weapon level and element.
    • Roll the dice for generated weapons.
    • Take the item directly from the item slot (on the right).
    Quickbar Mini: https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-Quickbar-Mini
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  4. Update for Starbound 1.3

  5. Updated item list for Starbound 1.2.0

    • Items added in the Starbound 1.2 update can now be found in the Spawnable Item Pack.
      • This includes the new terraformers and invisible logic gates.
    • Terraformers can be found in the new Terraformer category (under objects).
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  6. New categories, fixes and weapon levels.

    • Enabled the settings menu.
    • Added a weapon level selection setting, which affects all weapons that have a level parameter in the default item configuration.
    • Added a label that should make the advanced settings menu more noticable.
    • Added the following categories under Objects:
      • Liquids
      • Platforms
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the selected level being applied to certain weapons.
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  7. Updated item list for Starbound 1.0.3

    The item list has been updated to reflect the assets for Starbound 1.0.3.

    This update also includes a manual category change for the 'Smart Skirt' item, which prevents the interface from freezing when the item is selected. This issue was reported by BobertLocke.
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  8. Spawnable Item Pack v0.9 - Cheerful 1.0?

    Released for nightly a day before the game release.
    Note: I will be trying to make the version of this mod closer reflect the version of the game. I am aware the mod has surpassed version 3 already, so I'm sorry for the confusion to some.

    I'm terribly sorry if the mod does not work for Starbound 1.0; I will be on holiday for a week which prevents me from testing and updating the mod. For this reason I highly recommend creating a backup of your character....
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  9. New Add-on for the Avali mod!

    A new add-on has been released as a separate download! The add-on contains recipes for all 416 (un)obtainable items and objects in the Avali (Triage) mod found here.

    The add-on requires the main mod to be installed, as well as the SpawnableItemPack core.

    Note that some items aren't categorized, and are found in the etc. category instead (question mark symbol in the mods section of the spinning wheel).
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  10. Viera Race Add-On updated for version 2.3!

    The following items were added and renamed, for the add-on to work with the latest update of the Viera Race of Ivalice mod found here (v2.3).