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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Marinebeast
    This mod requires a Race Extender in order to use it!
    (You can also find this mod on the Steam Workshop as well if you would rather download it over there!
    Updates are released simultaneously both here and there.)

    An intelligent and colorful species, Inklings are upright squid-people from a flooded, alternate-future Earth. They adore art in all its forms, competition, exploration and the enjoyment of life, and get along quite swimmingly with many other races! And it just so happens that they're pretty good at charting the stars, too..

    This mod adds Inklings as a playable species, as well as tons and tons of custom and remixed content to go with them! See "Features" below for a more indepth breakdown of what this mod contains...

    Install as usual: download the .rar and unzip its contents to your Starbound/mods folder.
    If you are updating your version of the mod, delete the whole previous "inkling" folder before installing the new one.

    - A custom cephalopod species with their own unique pet, semi-custom ship, full custom dialogue and object descriptions, and all that jazz.
    - Tons of custom colors and hairstyles to pick from.
    - Entirely too many weapons, tiered and otherwise.
    - Fully-tiered armor sets, with some tiers having multiple distinct armor sets.
    - An assortment of custom clothing made just for Inklings.
    - Lots and lots of custom objects based off of the world of Splatoon and Inkling culture.
    - So much crafting? 10+ custom foods, 10+ custom codices, buffs, explosives, a custom crop and more!
    - Five custom vendor stalls that sell assorted clothing and useful goods. One of them only accepts sea snails as currency, however, so be sure to hold onto those if you find them while exploring the galaxy!
    - A new planet type, the Flooded biome. Inspired by the post-human Earth of Splatoon and built off of Oceanic planets, these planets have an assortment of ruins, resources and residents that make them worth a visit!
    - And so much more? There's a lot in this mod.

    - If you discover any incompatibilities or conflicts, please inform me!


    - Fix dyeable clothing that isn't the primary tiered stat stuff!
    - Expand mech parts or something.
    - More Flooded biome tweaks+content
    - More stuff.
    - More assorted uses for Strange Ooze.
    - Maybe learn how to make minidungeons. :/
    - Revisit outpost merchants? Tweak/modify?


    - Vanilla races may experience clipping if they try to wear Inkling chest items. Head and leg clothing should be fine.
    - Similarly, Inklings look funny with some vanilla Starbound clothing on them. But that's just how it is.
    - Depending on the dungeons that spawn on a Flooded planet, the game may take extra time to load the planet upon first generating it.
    This is completely normal due to the game not normally loading some dungeons in an ocean setting: please be patient with the game and allow it to fully load the planet.
    - Characters that exist before the V2.0.0 Beta update may not find Flooded planets in their associated universes. For best results, create a new character or visit the universe of one!
    - Octo Expansion content is unlocked by buying and using a CQ-80 from the Outpost's Octoling vendor; it's like this for thematic and spoiler reasons! You may also rarely find CQ-80s in treasure chests on Oceanic and Flooded planets.

    - There are currently no game-breaking bugs to my knowledge. Please contact me if you discover any, I want to fix them!


    If you find bugs or other weirdness while adventuring, please supply your Starbound.log from the session so I can take a look at what's going on.
    I appreciate the help and so do all my testing squids!
    Additionally, if you have suggestions or ideas, don't be afraid to share them. :)

    If you've got something to say about the mod, whether it's positive or negative, be sure to leave a review.

    I'm always looking for more feedback and want to hear from you!



    - Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and Coricus: for making various assets such as furniture and tentacle styles!
    - Commander Scout: for creating a template for the 0.9.1 eye update!
    - BlitzkriegOmega and Coricus: for all their hard work with bugtesting, especially with weapons and armor!
    - DeltaJordan: for their contributions involving dungeons and planet types, as well as for running the mod's GitHub!
    - Moonage @ Steam / Nicole: for her writing and spriting assets, and also for creating the v2.0 preview image!
    - Nintendo: for making Splatoon!
    - And all you subscribers: for providing your feedback and helping me improve Squids in Space!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Oops!
  2. 1/19/2021: Fixes & Dyework!
  3. Wait, where'd V2.1.1 go?

Recent Reviews

  1. myntandrebecca4
    Version: V2.1.0B
    it's good but it really needs an update i hope a lot of people agree
  2. megagameryagiz
    Version: V2.0.2Z
    you should add a race tech
    Im thinking someting like paint weapons really paints blocks and octo ball tech can climb to painted walls or something like that
    good mod btw
  3. SoloWingPixy
    Version: V2.0.2Z
    I like it, i wonder u could make octo races
  4. MechanicalWolf
    Version: V2.0.0B
    I'm glad this mod is still being worked on and hope to see more content being added, and the flooded worlds were not what I expected.
  5. AlanaDremmyr
    Version: Version 1.2.XY
    I was so glad to see updates, I thought there would be new sets, decorations, new Hairstyle and even maybe a separate race Octolings, but this is just a fix for the bugs. sighs
    But still, I'm glad that there is such a mod! And I hope for new content!)
  6. AngelosonerZ4
    Version: V1.2.XX
    I love the mod! but you could see that the weapons can create ink on the floor and that the inkling becomes a squid (I'm sorry if it's misspelled I speak Spanish not English)
  7. darkitio
    Version: V1.2.XX
    i cant use the inkiling
  8. JTeam_
    Version: V1.2.5XX
    Excellent. That's all.
  9. ianpb
    Version: V1.2.5X
    Everytime I download this mod, my game won't open. But when this mod ain't on my mods folder, the game works! Is there any incompatibility with the game or in other mods? Pls send help.
    1. Marinebeast
      Author's Response
      I'm a dumbass who forgot to test this update.
      Fix inkoming!
  10. Clawnoob
    Version: V1.2.5
    Excellent and well done. Witty, though if I may; you need to do a little math, my friend. I understand you want this to be very unique, but some balancing just doesn't add up. Some tier 5 armor outclasses its tier 6 cousins. Upon my own rebalancing, all I managed to do was make myself so invincible I was immune to all damage but traps, and I didn't get grace invincibility from damage so traps just murdered me. I fear the balancing problem is in your desire to stand out, you made some armor outclass its vanilla tier cousins. You should not do this; the armors should all match. Other than this, I see no issue with the mod; great! Keep up the fresh work!