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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. Wait, where'd V2.1.1 go?

    Good question, because I don't actually know.


    - The outpost vendors have been revamped!
    Based on my own personal 8 and a dear friend's 3, these two are a little more unique than their predecessors. Both have new custom dialogue and revamped wares, while 3 in particular has some unique style going on too. They're both pretty friendly, although 3's a bit more shy than 8.
    -- You can buy the Sunbathed Scars and Sunbathed Cape, both of which are modeled on our new inkling vendor, from Spyke for a moderate sum of Super Sea Snails. The Cape gives a scaling health and energy buff, while the Scars give tier 6 headgear stats as well as immunity to sanitization status.
    -- 3 sells mostly combat-oriented goods as well as vials of ink (for you non-cephalopods who need them for crafting) and bottled healing water. 8 sells mostly culture-oriented goods, as well as Tentacle Clippings and antidotes!
    -- Their designated "home" spots are in the second-floor room across from the tech station room, so that's where they'll go if you want to buy stuff from them. Like most outpost NPCs, they'll wander about, but tend to stay in that area and in areas around it.

    - Crafting-unlock consumables have been removed from Spyke's wares and are now exclusive to the vendors, besides the CQ-80 which can be also found rarely on Flooded planets. More items have been added to the crafting-unlock pools, namely all tier 4 weapons, Inkling tier 4 armor and some foods.

    - Added in some new Inkling flags! The Squid Beakon will stay as-is, but will be moved to the Inkling Crafting Table to save space and fit a bit more themeatically, because I'd imagine it'd be hard to make that with your hands.
    -- The default Inkling flag is blue, but upon crafting it, you'll learn recipes for seven other variants of it. The default flag can be made from the empty-hands craft table, while the other seven flags can be made at the Inkling Crafting Table. I didn't want to crowd the empty-hands craft table!
    -- Each flag requires 3 fabric and 3 of various kinds of dye.
    -- There will be purple, yellow, red, nonbinary and asexual flags later! I just wanted to get these all out in one shot.

    - The Ink Tank, Modern Ink Tank, and Anchor Sweat clothing items can now all be dyed.

    - Fixed up an issue that had to do with the Clean Mask; there shouldn't be a duplicate copy of its recipe in the files anymore. You can craft it at an upgraded anvil, and as usual, it gives tier 3 stats as well as immunity to sanitization status.

    - Fixed up the Inkbrush unlock recipes; the IUDB drive that gave weapon recipes was teaching depreciated versions.
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