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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V1.2.5X: Bugsmashing.

    - Fixed a problem with exploding guard tenants.
    - Fixed a problem where inkling Weapon Merchants were going topless. (Not like it matters anyways, there's nothing there.)
    - Gave normal inkling village tenants the ability to wear even MORE clothes.
  2. V1.2.5 ~ Quality Squid Content



    Happy Splatfest! Have a little content update.

    - Added some new objects. Can't stop won't stop.
    -- Coricus sprited the 3 new graffitis! Thanks for all your contributions, I really appreciate your bugtesting + creative ideas. Especially when they're for meme purposes like this.
    -- The Stolen Shoji Door is prone to change down the road. It's a placeholder that I had laying around for building purposes, and it looks pretty alright + is the exact sort of stupid thing that...
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  3. V1.2.4 ~ Quality of Life Additions..

    - Fixed up stray pixels and clipping issues on some chest and leg items.

    - Cleaned up racial effect files a bit.

    - Added some more Splatfest-themed clothing items.

    - Removed some duller colors (mostly browns & blacks) from the marking range, because it was making some really tacky random NPCs. Tentacle color range is still the same.
    -- This might cause some of your NPCs to die or be re-randomized. Sorry about that.

    - Made a squid spawner, almost entirely just for the purpose of being...
  4. V1.2.3B - Now with faster respawn times!

    - Added a new vendor to the Outpost! He sells a variety of useful crafting items -- or is it just junk? You decide, really. He hangs out near Terramart and is generally pretty friendly.

    - Added a custom respawn animation!
    -- It's got a bit of smoothing-out to do in terms of frame consistency near the end, and I'm still figuring out some stuff about respawn animation behavior, but I think it looks pretty good, huh?

    - Added another food item.
    -- This probably won't be the only thing like...
  5. Snuper Snea Snails?

    "Pool" =/= "Item", and that was causing problems for some people when they were messing about in dungeons. Hopefully that shouldn't be happening anymore.

    (Also, there was a mask problem with the Rebel Idol's Shades, which would result in hilarious wardrobe malfunctions. That's been fixed too.)
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  6. V1.2.11 -- Now with 7 Different Multivitamins

    Or, rather, IUDB Drives.
    Because I forgot one.

    Silly me.
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  7. V1.2.1 -- Happy Splatfest!

    Lots of new stuff here. Or, well, not too much.
    But I'm doing things I haven't done before!

    Also, this mod officially endorses Team Ketchup. ' w'


    - Added a new vendor! Spyke can now be brought to your own little Booyah Base with the same recipe used for the other 4 vendors. He only accepts a certain type of item as currency, but his rare and unusual wares might be worth the while...
    -- Super Sea Snails can now be found in a variety of places: as gifts from tenants (10% chance),...
  8. A couple more tweaks.

    - Lowered the volume of Inkling chatter/hurt noises.

    - Patched up a few bracket-related problems here and there.
  9. Whoops.

    At least one person informed me that they were still having troubles, so here's a re-upload that's hopefully functional. Raagh!
  10. Smoothing out bugs...

    Yeah, there was a few problems with last night's upload, huh? All fixed up.

    (The Steam version of this mod is now actually usable, too-- it had the in-progress version of this update uploaded instead of the finished version. That's what I get for late-night uploads after a busy and exhausting day.)


    - Made a small npc patch inactive until I can figure out the exact syntax. Hopefully that'll be in a future update without breaking things.

    - Cleaned out duplicate...