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Squids in Space: A Splatoon Mod V2.1.3x

A species mod based off of Nintendo's Splatoon.

  1. V1.0.5B: Ew, sticky...

    - Higher-end weapon recipes have been tweaked to only include items that can be obtained normally.
    -- They previously included Plutonium and Uranium rods, which... are apparently not a thing anymore. I didn't know this until now.

    - Tier 4 Inkling guard NPCs should be spawning properly now, and not taking precedence over other species.

    - All Inkling guard NPCs now use a single weapon that fit their outfits.

    - Inkling NPCs overall have been streamlined and fixed up.
    -- They might still...
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  2. Fixes & Fresh New Styles

    - Custom pet should be able to properly consume food. If you're still having problems, it's probably a mod conflict or something. Get back to me if issues continue.

    - Fixed some inventory icon errors.

    - Added some more hairstyles, bringing the total to 31.
    -- Yes, it's missing one of them. I couldn't find a way to nicely represent that one.
    -- These new styles are subject to change over time as new official material is released.

    - There's been a reported conflict with a mod that, in some...
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  3. V1.0.3B: Those Nasty Shirts!

    Quick Sunday bugfixes for you.

    - Anchor Tee doesn't have mysterious chunks during swim frames anymore.
    - You can actually craft the gold dynamo roller again.

    - Added two new hairstyles and one new hat, courtesy of Coricus. The hat can be found at Cooler Heads.
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  4. Exploding Merchants 2: Electric Boogaloo

    The merchantpools.config.patch was missing about twelve curly braces that were necessary, causing merchants of all kinds to freak out.

    Some would spontaneously die, which is funny but not awful helpful. That shouldn't be happening anymore.
  5. A quick slugfix.

    Like "bugfix", right? Hahaha.. ha.

    Yeah, nudibranches are working properly now.
  6. V1.0B: Happy Update Day!


    Brace yourselves, this changelog is huge.


    - New semi-custom ship in the form of a recolored Hylotl ship. It has a custom shiplocker treasure pool and assets that fully match the color schemes going on.
    -- Existing Inkling characters will keep their Floran ship.

    - New custom pet, the Frilled Dragon Slug! Coming in multiple colorful variants, these are...
  7. haha oops

    Somehow, even though it was supposed to be fixed, the .converse file in that last update had a problem in it. An easy to miss problem, but a problem.

    And problems in dialogue files make NPCs explode!

    They, uh, shouldn't be exploding anymore.
    For real this time.
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  8. Tiny fixes.

    - Excess pixels on the Colorful Pole, the Modernized Table, and the Modernized Bookshelf objects have all been fixed, and they should be functioning as proper platform-topped furniture now.

    - The Grape Tee's item icon shouldn't be rebelling anymore.

    - The Inkling Ink Vial recipe can now be made with your bare hands again, since the last update had it so that crafting progression got all screwy involving how you make the vial.
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  9. Two quickfixes.

    - Recipes for the Modernized TV and the Colorful Pole have been removed from the basic crafting menu. You can make them at the Inkling Crafting Table, under decorations, per the norm.

    - Unnecessary debris in dialogue files, which may have been contributing to exploding NPCs and other such mischief, has been cleaned.
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  10. 0.9.1 Beta: Woomy?

    - Inkling tenants no longer explode when you talk to them, and seem to function normally. They have a pretty big dialog pool to pick from, can appear wearing almost any Inkling clothing besides higher tiers of armor, and tend to be pretty cheery.
    -- Job NPCs include chefs, merchants and electricians.

    - Inkling faces now look a good bit different, thanks to the help of Commander Scount! They now have larger eyes that better match their official models, and their eye color will change with...
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