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Starbound Extended (Pleased Giraffe) (Returning For 1.0) Rebirth 1.2.1

Starbound getting boring? Want some more content? This Pack contains everything you need!

  1. haynesy566

    Tempoary Update for Pleased Giraffe, major updates will continue after Starbound 1.0 is released...

    Also a nightly edition of this mod pack should be up soon.

    NOTE: This Mod Pack could make the game take a little longer to launch than usual, but rest assured the game does launch. There is a lot of extra content and as a result may influence loading times.

    A quick guide to tags on Mod List:

    • Pending Addition-Permission has been granted for these mod to added, I just have not added and tested compatibility yet.
    • Pending Approval-Permission has not been granted for this mod to added, however it has been requested to be added
    • Not being added- This mod will not be added to the modpack due to refusal from author or compatibility issues. DO NOT request for these mod to be added, the answer will be no.

    Mods Not Being Added
    • Frackin Universe (Compatibility issues and Author Refusal)
    • CLeF-Things to do in Starbound (Once again compatibility issues and restricted permissions
    How to install...
    1. Download Pack from google drive download link.
    2. Extract contents using WinRAR or windows Explorer into a folder.
    3. Copy extracted folders into the mod folder located in your Starbound Directory. (The forums have many guides on installing mods)
    4. RunStarbound.
    5. Have fun!
    6. Leave a review!

    Starbound Extended is a work in progress, more mods will be added as they are released/updated!

    Legal Stuff
    The original mod authors and I do not take any responsibility for damage to hardware, ect. Always create a back-up of your Giraffe Storage folder before installing a mod. I do not own Starbound, or any of these mods, all credit goes to the Starbound Devs, Chucklefish and all the mod authors.

    See the individual mods for their respective content license.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Athaion
    Version: Unsettled Buzzard 2.2
    Got an issue where the Avali aren't showing o the char creation screen, all else is great though, nice to spice up Vanilla SB with :D

    ...Along with FrackinUniverse Installed ;) <3
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      That issue could be due to not having a big enough extended character slots or possibly because the pack has not been updated in some time, try installing a different character creation mod. And "officially" i do not have permission to include Frackin Universe but if it works alongside other mods in this pack then thats great! Thanks for the review, if you'd like to discuss any issues further please dont hesitate to contact me privately or hit up the discussion tab!
  2. WhiteTiger225
    Version: Unsettled Buzzard 2.2
  3. marafon514
    Version: Unsettled Buzzard 2.2
    Nice modpack bro, 5 stars.
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks a heap!
  4. rawkinrex
    Version: Unsettled Buzzard 2.2
    Great Mod Pack. Thanks for including my mods in your pack.
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Not a problem, its my pleasure!
  5. masteredwood
    Version: Unsettled Buzzard 2.2
    Looks good and douse what it says... Although its just a Modpack, has (most of) the stuff I would want.
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!