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Outdated Starbug 1.1

An update to Okash's Starbug. =)

  1. kittentamer
    Okash started it, I just updated it to Enraged Koala for now, though I have ideas for the future!

    Note: I did not turn this into a modpak so that people can easier alter it for other races. It is setup by default for human.

    To use with other races:
    Copy the human folder and rename it to your race (ex: avian) then open the dropship.structure file and look for where it says:

    "treasurePools" : [ "humanStarterTreasure" ],

    and change it to say:

    "treasurePools" : [ "avianStarterTreasure" ],

    If you have an existing character, you have to delete your .shipworld file as well in Starbound's player folder (this erases anything left on ship too, so pick up anything you want and keep it on your person) and next time you log in you'll have your own Starbug!

    Skutters can now be made with the Tabula Rasa, as well as the crafting table, recipe learnale after picking up the Skutter that comes with the ship. =)
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  1. AlexQuinn13
    Version: 1.1
    Perfect! I love that show!