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Starface 1.3.3

Replaces the faces of the base races

  1. Bietol
    Star-Face is a head edit on the original Starbound races. This mod produces characters with a slightly different look on their faces:
    Starface Collection x3.png
    Avians are untouched, though.

    Changes in this mod:
    1. Humans:
      1. Eyes are 2 pixels tall
      2. Back of jaw moved forward
      3. Shine on forehead moves to back
      4. Some hair shifted up to not touch eyes
    2. Apex:
      1. Eyes are 2 pixels tall
      2. Sunken cheeks
      3. De-emphasized brow
    3. Florans:
      1. Added Fangs
      2. Spruced up their emotes, particularly their laugh
    4. Hylotl:
      1. Removed nostrils
      2. Lowered mouth
      3. Cheeks intersect eyes
    5. Glitch:
      1. Eyes are 2 pixels tall
      2. Wider eye-visor
      3. Rounded chin
      4. Added grooves to forehead
    For Novakid aesthetics, I recommend installing the Novaskin mod

    How to Install
    See http://starbounder.org/Mods/Installation
    Or visit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730119660
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ghajari
    Version: 1.3.3
    Thank you for this marvelous work, the details are fair.
    Version: 1.3.3
    very good
  3. Kokito
    Version: 1.3.3
  4. Mecha Leo
    Mecha Leo
    Version: 1.3.3
    And just like that, the aesthetics are better. Characters have better expressions, Florans and Hylotl are accurate to their art representation, and Apex don't ironically stand out for being similar to apes, which are basically a Human's closest relatives. Or maybe it's just that before the update, we just had single pixels for eyes. Either way, you did a goodun.
  5. JT`
    Version: 1.3.3
    "What you looking at? You all a bunch of meatsss! You know why? You don't have the gutsss to be what you wanna be?! You needsss peoplesss like Floran! You need peoplesss like Floran ssso you can point your meatsssy fingersss and sssay, 'That'sss the bad guy!'"
  6. Petalwatch
    Version: 1.3.3
    My favorite mod, hands down. I consider Floran unplayable without it.
  7. zazozaliad
    Version: 1.3.3
    Love this mod, especially for Florans, though I do wish you could put the mod appearance in for just one or two races instead of having to go all or nothing.
  8. Solus_Vael
    Version: 1.3.3
    I like the mod but don't the characters blink? Its been so long since I played I can't remember. Only asking because I was playing and using this mod today and the eyes are static.
  9. Khesune
    Version: 1.3.0
    WEll here we go again, I can't decide which race to play. xD
  10. Screaming Pillows
    Screaming Pillows
    Version: 1.3.0
    I love the way the Floran's face looks like now, thank you!