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Stargazer's Dream! V1.4.8

Who thought that flying was a bad idea?

  1. minor fixes

    fixed the wing selection thing not working
    Stopped the dragon, a.k.a human dragon or draconis from getting the wings and added back the wing options.
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  2. compatibility fixes

    Fixed a compatibility problem with phase shift module mod that would cause every custom tech to not show up
  3. v1.4.7

    had to remove the functionality that allows for remembering the last wing color option due to an update to the lua api, looking for a way to add it back.
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  4. transparancy

    added a transparent wing color option
  5. Colors And Improvements

    Fixed a bug that would cause wings to not show up,
    Added wings colors and rebindable keys for the extra tech keys.
    To recolor your wings first go bind a key to Activate tech 2 and 3 in the Esc Menu>Controls menu and assign a key to the bindings
    Once your bindings are done, hit the keys to preview your new wing colors. there should be around 32 different colors.
    For thoses that use the rebindablekeys mod don't worry, there won't be any problems, both mods are perfectly compatible....
  6. Fixes And Minor Improvements

    Minor improvements to the scripts
    Fixes a bug that would cause the wings to show up on species of the wrong body shape after leaving and going back to a specific character without closing the game.
  7. mod compatibility upgrades

    just some more compatibility upgrades
  8. animations and improvements

    Wings Added To the character while flying. They won't appear on avali and any of the pony modpack's pony species and kazdra as their body doesn't fit the current wings.
    Made the hover and flight animations a bit more responsive by locking the player animation to the stand and fly animations respectively.
    improvements to the tech script.
    you can now press left and right to stop mid flight like if you were pressing shift.
  9. 1.x update

    removed the rotation of the player, to make the mod more stable.

    updated the controls to:
    While in the air jump you will be send flying in the direction you are pointing at.
    holding Up makes you go faster, Down makes you slower and shift/walking makes you stop

    changed the editions around to make them easier to understand,

    new icons for the tech
  10. Glady Flying

    - updated to glad giraffe
    - you should now receive the quest automatically no matter of where you are in the game.