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Swansong Mech Parts 1.4

Adds in Swansong Mech Parts

  1. Swansong Mech Parts

    1.4: Removed stray black pixels from the booster sprites
  2. Swansong Mech Parts

    • Swansong mech parts are now stored in the chest after the Swansong fight
    • Changed the default colors of the solus katana mech arm to better fit its redesign
  3. Swansong Mech Parts

    • Buffed Swansong legs and boosters
    • Adjusted the solus katana mech arm sprite to match the original swansong
  4. Swansong Mech Parts

    • Fixed solus katana mech arm missing fullbright for some parts
    • Fixed swansong mech booster's fullbright not lining up properly with the sprite