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The Overwatch Weapons Mod

나는 승리를 재생!

  1. The " 나는 승리를 재생!" Update

    I play to win!

    - Added D.Va's Light Gun (Named lightpistolgun to avoid ID conflicts)


    1. lightpistolgun.png
  2. The Widow's Sounds Update

    - Added the sounds for the Widow's Kiss

    Minor update. Currenty testing out the Widow's Kiss to see if there's any problems, and then I'll move on to other characters!
  3. The Widow's Kiss Update

    This was the update that should have came out months ago, but I was caught up with some issues in life and couldn't upload it. Well, here it is! I haven't checked it myself to see if everything's working as intended, so please leave some bugs and problems in the Discussion page of the mod.

    - Added the Widow's Kiss (Widowmaker)
    - Fixed the bug where the one of the ingredients came up as a PGI
    - Changed Dragonblade's Alt Fire ability from Kunai Blast to Parry

    That's gonna be it...
  4. The Recipe Fix - Again

    Screwed up the recipes again :V
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  5. Not-A-Update Update

    I won't be updating this mod anymore, so if you want, you now have the permission to bring it to the Steam Workshop or update it. It was a nice run, bye.
  6. Weapon Case Recipe Fix

    Quick fix for a stupid bug I should've squashed before I update the mod :V
  7. The "Ryujin no ken wo kurae!" Update

    - Added the Dragon Blade, Genji's signature weapon for wiping teams and wiping dreams (Who cares about puny shurikens?)
    - Added the Weapon Case, the universal crafting station for all of my mods
    - Balanced a few weapons, mainly Pharah's Justice Launcher

    And that's it guys! See you all in 2.0!


    1. dragonblade.png
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  8. The Offensive Update

    - Added Tracer's Pulse Pistols
    - Added Reaper's Hellfire Shotgun
    - Added Pharah's Rocket Launcher
    - Added McCree's Peacekeeper
    - Changed the price of the items from 50,000 to 9,999 Pixels
    And some other minor fixes and edits.

    Thanks for the kind reviews! I'll keep them coming!