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The Stars My Destination - Sword and Spells 0.2.5c & 0.2.6b(NIGHTLY)

A sword you can do Combo, A wand you can do Magic

  1. 0.2.5c & 0.2.6b

    I just realize that Swordmaster tech is very inconvenient because you will have zero energy when out of battle, so you can't do other tech-move or energy-required activities.
    So I added a function to the Swordmaster tech, you can press and hold F(the tech key you set in the option) when you out of battle, you will restore your energy in a very fast speed(5 sec. to full).
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  2. 0.2.6 (NIGHTLY ONLY, stable game player pls do not use this new update)

    0, added Assassin tech
    1, added stealth effect
    2, added backstab effect
    3, added a pair of fist weapon for Assassin class
    4, expanded Nibelungen map
    5, introduced a mini-game as lockpicking
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  3. fixed bugs

    every time I update new version, there would be more bugs
  4. 4 spells, New energy system, new weapon.

    Details is on main page.
  5. Fixed some Sword bugs, hopefully

    Thanks wow_space pointed out.
  6. Wand and scroll, balance change with The Sword and more

    Added a lot new stuff. check the main page of this mod for details! And use the dropbox download link!
  7. Changed download link

    Starbound's own upload seems not reliable....
  8. Fixed the issue that you con't parry with lvl1 and lvl2 sword

    In the future I'll try to be not so hasty, and fix all problem in one patch
  9. fixed the stable version Anvil, it won't crash your game now

    Sorry guys.
    let me know if there's more bug.