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Outdated The Tabula Rasa 2.1

Unified Crafting Bench for Mod Content

  1. Tabula Rasa V2.1

    -Updated to work with Starbound Beta v. Enraged Koala.

    -Fixed bug with custom filter buttons so they will only be added once.

    -Fixed __merge corner case that would have prevented backwards compatibility.
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  2. The Tabula Rasa V2.0 - Hotfix

    -Hotfix to last night's upload. Snoop figured out how to remove the need to make Tabula Rasa a dependency if you wanted to use the new Custom Filter Button system. Now everyone can make and set Custom Filter Buttons without strictly requiring their mod to need Tabula Rasa.

    -Visual tutorial for Custom Filter Button creation is still coming soon!
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  3. The Tabula Rasa V2.0

    -Updated to be compatible with Beta v. Furious Koala!

    -Added the functionality for modders/users to create their very own filter buttons for Tabula Rasa! This change was aimed at de-cluttering Tabula Rasa as more people use it as a mod anchor and the mod count climbs ever higher. Currently Tabula Rasa will display 22 custom filters as a hard cap (for now).

    -Users/Modders can make their own custom art for these buttons by using provided templates or use provided placeholders if they just...
  4. Tabula Rasa V1.5

    -New changes by SnoopJedi to take advantage of the ___merge changes this patch.

    -Removed Tabula Rasa from its own crafting menu as well as from cooking tables.

    -You no longer cook a torch for your Tabula Rasa. All Tabula Rasas are now in the base player crafting menu at a cost of 1 pixel.
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  5. The Tabula Rasa V1.4b

    -Fixed my botched upload. The main folder was named "tabularasav1.4" which breaks the mod since the modinfo file name is "tabularasa". The Mod repository won't update the main file unless I also change the version name, so V1.4b is now the current version. Sorry for those who quickly updated to V1.4. This is me at 2:00 AM.

  6. The Tabula Rasa V1.4

    - Minor change to the .modinfo file to update for compatibility with the new build Beta v. Angry Koala.

    -Minor change to the .modinfo file and main folder to change the names to simply "tabularasa" instead of "tabularasaVX.X". This was done so that mods that list Tabula Rasa as a dependency don't simply break if they don't have the right version. It's highly recommended that you keep Tabula Rasa up to date, though!
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  7. The Tabula Rasa V1.3

    V1.3 - Change Log

    -Updated the Tabula Rasa sprite. It now features the Starbound Logo and is now slightly translucent, faintly showing what's behind it. The word glows were also modified to ramp up from faded when dark to more opaque when lit. You probably won't notice.

    -Made the Imperfectly Generic Item into an optional example. Considering the Tabula Rasa itself is already a functional example...
  8. The Tabula Rasa V1.2 (Well, technically V1.1, but whatever)

    -Updated the Tabula Rasa to fit the new mod format. This change means that modifying the bootstrap.config file is no longer necessary to use the Tabula Rasa! Please re-read the ReadMe file for further clarifications.

    -Somehow the mod was stuck on a ghosted/failed version of V1.1, so this is now V1.2, but nothing has changed from the now defunct V1.1, and the file you download will be V1.1. Next update we will simply skip to V1.3.