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Outdated Tiered Survival Backpacks 3.3

Lantern sticks combined with survival systerms and gliding, tiered to advance with you!

  1. Modpak and Dye Bucket Compatible!

    I've figured out how to set it up as a modpak, though it still needs to be unzipped since two files are required.

    Also, as per request, the packs can now be dyed via MrMagical's Dye Bucket. You don't need his mod to run this one, but I recommend it after trying it. =)

    Note: The dye one the Deluxe Pack changes the color of the parachute. You won't notice a difference until you jump. =)

    No pictures, I did tests but I think it is more fun to experiment with the dyes yourself. ^^
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