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Tougher NPCs and Creatures + Better Loot! 1.11.4

Challenge increases, as does the durability of your allies and the quality of combat loot.

  1. Update 1.4.5 - Glitch Siege and Bone Dragon upgrade

    Baron's Keep - Glitch seige
    The Occasus cult realized their ineffectiveness at seige warfare; so made an uneasy alliance with some Glitch Raiders. They left out the part about genociding the universe but talked up the potential treasure.
    • Waves of enemies include cultist scan droids and evil glitch knights.
    • Balistas spawn in with mounted dark glitch knights.

    Bone Dragon - overclocked
    Still seething about losing to you earlier, Asra has been looking for ways to get an edge.
    Asra found a way to overclock the Bone Dragon for a harder fight.
    • It now moves faster.
    • Fires an alternating fire volley of 4 fireballs instead of just one.
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