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Troll Race Mod(updated) SB v1.1.1 Mod v0.9

The Troll race from Homestuck

  1. Recipe Update

    Updated the file with the recipes for 99% of the canon HS clothes. The only few I didn't do was the few headgear that was there. Still haven't fixed the files to update them for the current version of Starbound. I will include them in a later larger update when there is more content added in general.
  2. Minor Update

    So apparently I skipped over some references in the recipes and this caused a crash if you opened the clothing menu in the spinwheel. I also in the process realized I kinda forgot to make recipes for the troll clothes. I'm a bit busy today but I will be sure to upload an update with the recipes tomorrow. Sorry bout that.
  3. Another Small Update

    Fixed a game breaking problem. File was missing the ship's boosters which prevented you from being able to board your ship after repairing the FTL drive. This is a problem on DrPvtSkittle's end, not mine. No offense to them but their race template should've included this file.

    They made a good template anyways, I still respect their work and I'll inform them immediately.
  4. Small Update

    Just a small update sorting out a potential conflict between custom races made with DrPvtSkittles' Template Race Mod. Something I came across while making my Cherub race. Basically the files for the outfits that come with the templates needed to be renamed to avoid overlap.