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TS technologies OUTDATED 1.4

adds new machines to Starbound

  1. TheHappyPlayer
    Starbound All included mod.jpg


    The TS technologies modpack adds a couple of new machines to Starbound as well as two new plants.

    To unlock
    To unlock the content in this modpack caft the TS unlocker in a stonefurnace. On pickup you will unlcok the Engineering table that can be crafted in a Metalwork station.

    The Engineering Table
    The Engineering Table works like a crafting table. From this you can craft all the other machines in the modppack.

    The Bio Generator
    Now you dont have to think about wasting food. The Bio Generator takes all your plants including alien meat and turns them into biofuel. it is also possible to make tar fuel in the machine. Although you should not put this in the fuel hatch, it will just get stuck. The tar fuel can be used in the Generator.

    For every biofuel canister you put into the ships fuel hatch, you get 5 fuel. Also remember bio fuel is much more friendly for the ships components and its easier to get!.

    The Generator
    This machine can craft energy cells for more advanced machines and weapons. All it takes is either Tar fuel or Bio fuel from the Bio Generator. It can also use Unrefined wood or charoal but it is'nt as god as Bio fuel.

    The Crusher
    Here you can watch all of you uneded mining blocks that fills up your inventory all the time get crushed. Simply just put just put the blocks in the machine and watch them tunr in to dust.

    The Reclaimer
    The Reclaimer uses the dust form the unuseable blocks and turns them intp new and shine materials. From the dust you can craft some the simple materials found. Now you can finally use those never ending stacks of stone to something useful.

    The synthesiser
    The synthesiser is a crafting station for the two new plants added to the game. You can craft the new discovered plants with a little amount of energy cells and a pice of cell materia.

    Solshine Seed
    This is one of the new plants that you can craft in the synthesiser. Not only does the plant provide you light in the night. But it can also be harvested to get the solshine.

    The solshine is mixture between a flare and a torch when thrown. With its bright light and abillity to also provide light under water. Its perfect for quickly looking down a cave or into the water.

    Vilepod Seed
    The Vielpod seed can also be crafted in the synthesier. The Vilepod is a bit special plant. Not like any other plants it grows from the celling just about everywhere and it does not require any forms for water to grow. But be careful because the Vilepod can be higly explosive with toxic gass inside.

    When harvested the Vilepod can be thrown at enemies and dealm massive amounts of damage, it also leaves af cloud of toxic gass to the ones surviving the explotion.

    The PPEMT

    The PPEMT means Point Precision Mining Tool. As it says the PPEMT mines only one block at a time but at a verry fast rate. This makes it good at mining single ores that normaly takes ages to mine. The donwside of it is that it can only be used 600 times before it breaks.

    unpack the folder ino your starbound modpacks folder. Then open the BioFuel folder and drag the other BioFuel folder out of it and into the modpacks folder. Now there should only be one folder named BioFuel.

    If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions about the mod dont forget to write a comment. And i will check them out.

    I do not own the rights for this modpack. All rights reserved to the owner (Toast_Storm-TheOne).
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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