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Ultra-Techs 2.1.0

Some new techs to allow more freedom!

  1. Omni Wall Jump

    Added a new Omni Wall Jump tech that provides 5 jumps to the walljump.
    Tech ID : Omni-Walljump
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  2. Minor text fixes again.

    Not much to say here.
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  3. Minor fix for the Ultra-Dash quest.

    There's also a very slight change to the icon for the Ultra-Dash, but that's not very important.
  4. REALLY it should work now

    I can mess up sometimes
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  5. Uploading the right file this time...

    I uploaded the wrong file last time, woops.
  6. The Birth of Ultra Techs

    Added some new techs, making this a bit more of a fleshed out mod.
  7. New Quest!

    The mod now has its own quest to unlock the tech, instead of leeching off of pre-existing quests.
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