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Umbreon Race v3.15b

Adds umbreon race to starbound

  1. Microfix

    Reverts ship change back to base human ship
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  2. Final bug smashing

    The umbreon ship hatch and ship door bug 'should' be dealt with now. please alert me of any further issues.
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  3. Minor bug smashing

    fixed a small error involving the non-existing 'Umbreon Ship hatch'. Thanks for alerting me to the issue, and please continue to report any bugs you find.
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  4. A ship befitting a colony effort.

    Changed default ship to the 'Advanced Logistics Frigate'. looks bigger, but is still constrained to the vanilla layout. instead of building up the ship, you'll open up new sections. credit to ProfKnox for making this reworked version of the ship, and to Sashyme for the original 'Logistics Frigate Reborn'.

    (also added a little sneaky something, if you guys find it >.>)
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  5. v3.0b2: The Descending Spiral

    added new fur and ring color partly inspired by Delirium from BoI. the fur color falls after the espeon colors, and the marking color is after Black.


    1. 20171105225416_1.jpg
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  6. Exodus! The Sequel!!!

    small update to fix tenant dialog. they can now say more than 'I have nothing to say to you.' They have human dialog for now, might change it later.
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  7. The Exodus!

    Updated to current starbound version compatibility.
    Tenants now exist, with a chance to spawn in basic room setups. they don't say much yet, but they're there.
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  8. Forward Unto Collapse

    This... is a notice to all who follow the mod, but not the discussion...

    The Umbreon Race is now on indefinite Hiatus.

    I don't see any real interest in the mod anymore, and it has gone untouched on steam as far as updates... I haven't the personal skill to design the additions needed to expand the mod, nor the scripting skill to implement them. this, combined with lack of offered assisstance, equate to this mod having reached its dead end. I will not update it further, other than to keep...
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  9. V2.0c inside voices please

    Hurt sound volume decreased by around 50%
    Eye colors darkened slightly to show up better on light furs.
  10. V2.0b Eyes on the Prize

    Minor update:
    Taclight item removed, should now be compatible with lopunny race.
    Pokepotion item has been re-removed until i can get a functioning script set up.

    'Major' update:
    Customization expanded!
    Multiple versions of old fur colors, each version having a different eye color. Extra eye colors correspond to available ring colors. This is the best i could do for now, as i didn't want to bind it to ring colors and i have no sliders that will work on this, so i hope you guys enjoy.