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Valkyrie Profile: Gear of the Destinies 1.2

Become the Valkyrie

  1. AmazonValkyrie


    ~Complete Lenneth vanity gear set:
    - Lenneth's Helm
    - Lenneth's Chestguard
    - Lenneth's Battle Skirt
    - Animated Lenneth braid back item
    - Full Platina Wig
    - Full Platina Wig with Helm
    - Half Platina Wig (for use with braid)
    - Half Platina Wig with Helm (for use with braid)

    ~Complete Silmeria vanity gear set:
    - Silmeria's Helm
    - Silmeria's Chestguard
    - Silmeria's Battle Skirt
    - Full Silmeria Wig
    - Full Silmeria Wig with Helm
    - Half Silmeria Wig (for use with upcoming flowing hair back item)
    - Half Silmeria Wig with Helm (for use with upcoming flowing hair back item)

    ~Hrist coming soon~

    **Einherjar gear/armors, as well as other character outfits will be considered for addition as well!**

    NOTE: No change to humanoid heads was made within this mod. The eye on Lenneth's face (above) was used for aesthetic purposes. If anyone wishes to request the optional addition of the humanoid head with blinking eyes, feel free to ask me and I will include it for usage!


    NOTE: Alt-abilities, damage parameters, swooshes and elements may change for balance and faithfulness to their originals!


    The Glance Reviver Tier I - VI: Lenneth's holy sword. This sword was given the alt-ability of "traveling slash." I do plan to make this weapon more like it's original, by altering it's primary swings and making a completely custom alt ability, so consider traveling slash to be it's stand-in for the time being.


    Spear of the Nibelung Tier I - VI: The sacred spear of the Valkyrie, well known from it's usage with the Valkyrie's purify soul attack, "Nibelung Valesti." This spear does not launch away from the character with its alt-ability, but it does use a custom alt-ability that launches (both you and it) in a similar fashion. It's "swoosh" charge effect mimic's that of it's original.


    The Sylvan Bow Tier I - VI: "A bow once owned by a Light Elf King." It is one of the four treasures that Lenneth obtains in her first adventure. The original had varying projectiles for it's multiple attacks. I was able to mimic the criss-crossing projectile in this version (when full charged/drawn back). I can't help but be proud of the charged projectile's behavior and handiness in Starbound. The bow glows with magick energy! Pull back and launch a perfect release to see the criss-crossing arrow projectile. It's alt ability launches bouncing arrows, and with a perfect release you can still launch a criss-crossing, bouncing arrow!


    Lenneth's Soul Crystal: For those of you who have played the first Valkyrie Profile, you'll remember what happens to Lenneth's spirit at the turn of the game, thanks to Mystina at Weeping Lily Meadow. I felt it befitting that the player draw the energies of the Valkyrie from that soul crystal to craft the items.


    Custom Valkyrie Profile Crafting Interface

    If you wish to support my creative abilities with mod work with donations of any kind, click the link below to view my Patreon page: AmazonValkyrie's Patreon


    View this mod on the Steam Workshop by clicking here!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


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Recent Updates

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  2. Nibelung Spear Fix
  3. Nibelung Spear Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. umar_malik
    Version: 1.2
    Valkyrie Profile was the best rpg game I've ever played! And this mod just brings back that memories! Ah, such nostalgic! ^_^

    Thank you so much for making this mod! Can't wait for Hrist complete set! ^o^)/

    PS : The mod works perfectly! I will let you know if there's a bug or any other error \(^o^)/
  2. kiegan1
    Version: 1.2
    Divine! My favorite game série now on the space! Thanks a lot!!! (*whisper* :"Waiting for Lezard in the future" :3 )
  3. Blacken
    Version: 1.2
    Waiting for the hrist armor <3
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Thank you ^_^ I'm hoping to have her finished and the mod tweaked/added to once I've updated my Viera mod.
  4. wather
    Version: Nibelung Spear Fix
    Very well made mod
  5. Akito_Rui33
    Version: Nibelung Spear Fix
    Tested and working in Stable 1.0.
    A fantastic mod for those who have a nostalgia on Valkyrie Profile.

    -Excellent mod. Sticks very close to the design from the original Valkyrie Profile.
    -Beautiful 2D sprites.
    -Excellent special attack animation. The skill in making this mod really shows the author's talent.

    As excellent as this mod is, like any mods, it's not without some issues.

    (a) Spear of the Nibelung
    -Animation sometimes lags during special attack (Nibelung Valesti).
    -Kinda slow attack speed imo? (or maybe it's just me).
    -Nibelung Valesti is very inefficient. Instead of landing and hitting the target, the special attack distance falls short by miles, and it became a gap closer instead.
    Charging and releasing the weapon special just for closing the gap, allows monster to hit you in the face after that.

    (b) The Sylvan Bow
    -The Sylvan Bow is one of my favorite in the original VP.
    The Sylvan Bow's and it's special attack is absolutely gorgeous in this mod.
    However, while its strong in VP, it falls short in Starbound. It's slow, the damage is rather weak, and is easily replaced by a gun.
    Hows so? Because it's rather slow, your trajectory has to be extremely precisely, or you will miss the target. Which is an issue.
    Unlike a gun where you can shoot a bullet after another, the bow can only fire one arrow at a time, after it hits something. Hence the gun seems to be more efficient when compared to the bow.

    (c) The Glance Reviver
    -Not tested yet, still waiting for the "custom alt ability" to be implemented in the future before giving feedback.

    Overall, this is an excellent and beautiful mod to have.
    While it requires some balancing to do, and some issues for fixing, once resolved, this mod will even shine further.
    I hope you don't mind with the constructive feedback.

    I'd rate this a 5/5, over the author's talent and dedication for the mod. I can't wait to see what the author have in stores for us in the future. More VP is always better! \^o^/
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Sorry I'm so late at responding to your very kind review. Thank you so very much for your incredible rating and review! I'm very much appreciative of all of your detailed feedback as it helps me to improve upon my work.

      The weapons are definitely subject to tweaking, and a continued work as I want them to be even more true to their originals. I'm even aiming to give the Glance Reviver it's trademark freezing ability as an alt, if I can work it out. I will take your feedback to heart when sorting through them. I'll be providing a content update soon, so stay tuned!
  6. AlexVR1
    Version: Nibelung Spear Fix
    Awesome mod, looks great - especially weapons. Also nice tier system and stats. I was struggling really bad to find matching spear and bow for my character and now i have both! Thank you!
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your stellar rating and review! I'm very glad you're enjoying the mod!
  7. PotatoMaster
    Version: Nibelung Spear Fix
    I hate you, now i need always to check this mod for updates xD
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      lol If only I could post the updates more quickly. Hoping to have one out soon that will improve upon the mod! Thank you for your rating and review!
  8. chikitaya
    Version: Nibelung Valesti
    About your performance..it is magnificent xd, I love valkyrie profile thx very much for this. what about freiya outfit ?
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Lol I was always so scared Freya would say "If things do not improve, I am afraid we are doomed." Thanks for the great review! I'm definitely considering Freya and Her Ether Strike for addition ^_^
  9. HappySchizo
    Version: Nibelung Valesti
    The destinies mend rifts in time as man etches fate anew.
    1. AmazonValkyrie
      Author's Response
      Should deny the Divine destiny of destinies. All hope and despair rest on her shining wings ^_^ Thanks for the great rating!! I do hope you're enjoying playing as Lenneth!
  10. Ayesha
    Version: Divine Assault
    very good!:D