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Welcome To Hell V2.9.2

Adds the Marine Armors, Backpacks, Weapons, and More from Doom

  1. DooM1991
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    A mod dedicated to everything that is Doom. Give a review if you like the mod. Thanks and enjoy.

    Notice: This mod is put on hold for I don't know how long... The Doom IP isn't going as planned for how it fits and works in Starbound. There isn't enough in the Doom canon universe to make for a whole experience throughout the game and not a lot of inspiration is coming by right now with this IP. I have started on a new mod entirely and I plan on taking what I've learned in this mod to that one. The mod I am working on is a Fallout mod and has infinitely more for me to work with for the type of mod I want to make in Starbound. The weapons may not be "functional" in this mod but hopefully people get some enjoyment from the armor here in the armor only version of this mod.


    ~ Added Doom 3 Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, and Super Shotgun
    ~ Replaced the vanilla sound effects for "running out of energy" and "human player hurt"
    ~ Tweaked with the Gfx of a couple of weapons

    Previous Versions:

    ~ v2.9.1 includes the "Welcome to Hell" folder containing the full mod, as well as a new folder called "DoomArmorOnly" which includes only the armor from this mod. This is an update for those who want to play multiplayer without any unbalanced items in it.
    ~ Added the Doom 3 Pistol and Shotgun
    ~ Added UAC Station crafting bench (craftable via default hand crafting menu)
    ~ Separated all items into two categories. Doom1/2 category and Doom3 category. All items from those games are craftable in different crafting benches. UAC Station crafts Doom1/2 items and UAC Station crafts Doom3 items.
    ~ Added the Doom 3 Marine Armor and Backpack
    ~ Added Doom 3 Marine Armor Glove Variant and No Helmet Bloodless
    ~ Fixed some notable issues in graphic images
    ~ Changed all crafting recipes to insta-craft
    ~ Added the Mega Armor
    ~ Added a Black Glove and Black Boot variant to the Basic Armor
    ~ Fixed a graphics error on the Basic Pants and Commander Pants
    ~ Fist is no longer a Spiked Knuckle. Has been updated to just a fist/punching. The number of punches for a combo has been increased as well for balance. Icon for the weapon has also been changed.
    ~ Added Face Blood Item
    ~ Added Torn Armor and Black Torn Armor (The Armor you see on the doom title screen with tears and blood)
    ~ Updated some Icons
    ~ Adjusted weapon stats. Added accuracy to multiple weapons. Decreased BFG cooldown time.
    ~ Added Red Commander Armor and Backpack.
    ~ Adjusted Item Names.
    ~ Added the Doom 3 Machine Gun
    ~ Added the Fist/Spiked Knuckles Weapon
    ~ Tweaked the tooltip descriptions.
    ~ Added BFG and Pistol. (Note: BFG has a 20 second cooldown/firerate delay.)
    ~ Adjusted some of the weapons stats.
    ~ Renamed all weapons in game names.
    ~ Added Chainsaw, Chaingun, and Rocket Launcher.
    ~ The Gfx for the UAC Terminal has been updated to a hellish Doom 3 look.
    ~ The Shotgun and Super Shotgun has had their Gfx updated.
    ~ Custom Sound Effects has been added to all weapons.
    ~ Stats of All weapons have been adjusted.
    ~ Tooltips for Weapons now show up.
    ~ All Weapons now have an Alt Fire
    ~ Muzzle Fire Gfx has been updated on a lot of weapons
    ~ Added Shotgun, Super Shotgun, and Plasma Rifle with Alt Fire
    ~ Added UAC Terminal which is a crafting bench for all the items in this mod (Craftable via the default crafting menu)
    ~ Fixed the default blueprint for the Marine Tan Helmet
    ~ Added back in the Tan Helmet as a separate item in the Spinning Wheel
    ~ Changed the crafting station from Anvil to Spinning Wheel.
    ~ Armor no longer gives any stat bonuses, is worth 0 pixels, and costs nothing to make.
    ~ Recipe for the armor is automatically given once you get in game.
    ~ Note: With the Insta-Crafting Mod, you will have to press the craft button at the spinning wheel twice to craft the armor.
    ~ Changed the helmet color from tan/brown to grey to better blend with the overall visuals of the armor.
    ~ Added the grey shoulder pads from the in game design of Doom 1. Felt it gave a bit more detail in the overall design.
    ~ Removed the black outlines and blended the color in better.
    ~ Sprites trimmed to cut down on excess lines.
    ~ Glove color changed to match the in game color.
    ~ Brown Belt added.
    ~ Helmet changed entirely to match the dark color of the armor as well as to show the player face.
    ~ Chest armor has been cut up as the in game armor does not cover the abdominal region. A green undershirt has been added in its place.
    ~ Code has been updated so the armor items have a proper category, prices, and tiers.
    ~ Added the Doom backpack.

    If you find any bugs/problems then feel free to report them to me.

    Extract the rar file and place the DoomArmor folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods" or where ever your Starbound/mods folder is located. Start up the game and welcome to hell. The armor will be craftable at the UAC Terminal crafting bench.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. super gameing gamer™
    super gameing gamer™
    Version: V2.9.2
    Perfect armor, perfect weapons (though some visible recoil and quieter sounds for certain guns would be appreciated)
    But, this isn't on steam workshop, so do you mind if I post it there?
  2. Yakada
    Version: V2.9.2
    This mod gives me a real nostalgia boner from playing. Really hope your updating for doom eternal, love to rip and tear with the crucible.
  3. Xx_GunSeptim_xX
    Version: V2.9.2
    All weapons works fine but UAC Terminal gives me crashing my game :(
    1. DooM1991
      Author's Response
      Sad to hear that. I'm unsure as to what could be causing that but my thoughts would be another mod conflicting. I haven't played Starbound with my mod for about 4 or so months and the devs haven't made any updates to the game since. I'll go give the mod a try sometime later to see if there is a problem. Did you make sure to only install one of the folders in the Rar file? Both mod folders have the same armor and workbench assets in them but only one of them has the weapons. That is really the only thing I can think of that would cause that type of crash right now.
  4. alexxxddd
    Version: V2.9.2
    MAN THIS MOD IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! i love it :3
    you can make a.... steam version?
  5. A Random French Guy
    A Random French Guy
    Version: V2.9.1
    This mod planting starbound , no sound , and plasma explosion is crashing my game , so you should do an update
    1. DooM1991
      Author's Response
      I'm seeing no updates for the game that have been released since my last release and I checked my code three times over to make sure it was completely stable. This mod is not tested with the "Starbound Unstable" version of the game and I entirely urge you not to use that version of the game. I've tested this all out in game by spamming every weapon with god mode on as much as I could with maxed rate of fire with no crashes nor much frame drop. Everything here is using the base engine of the game as well as base game assets. If you are having problems, I highly doubt it is this mod but if you believe otherwise then try to see what is going wrong in your crash log.

      A couple things to make sure on your end:
      Make sure you are on the current version of the stable 1.3.3 version of the game, make sure that your computer has no issues (as in driver failures, gpu failures, or blue screens), and make sure you are not running a pirated version of the game.

      No one else has been reporting any problems whatsoever so I really cannot give you anymore advice than that.
  6. spacemonkey620
    Version: V2.9.1
    Awesome mod, keep up the good work!
  7. Costantly
    Version: V2.9.1
    I like DOOM and I like this mod! Keep it up and RIP&TEAR!
  8. Lord Taurus
    Lord Taurus
    Version: Doom 3 Armor Update
    You're cool!
  9. Zenneuer
    Version: Torn Armor/MegaArmor V2.7
    This mod is just amazing, it's about DOOM and you are probably one of the most hard working mod creator i've ever seen on this site other than Sayter (FU's creator) keep it up! (Also maybe you could add the Revenant's trumpet so we can DOOT and SHOOT)
  10. Pohany
    Version: Doom Stuff V2.3
    The world with a double-barrel in hands looks differently! (• ◡•)