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WIP: The Viera of Ivalice 0.3.2

The Viera of Ivalice have fled to the stars

  1. Rework to original Tenants system and a few extras

    Update Notes:

    -Remade Mod Overview page! Check it out! Any information needed should be obtainable from the overview page. If there's anything you all would like to suggest I add to the mod page, I'm open to ideas. I also added a section for Viera lore to introduce them as a race, and I added a prologue that explains how they've gotten to where they are. As the mod becomes more fleshed out, it will eventually accommodate the prologue in gameplay! Hope you like the story I've come up with. I'll be adding to it and editing sections still as it all falls into place.

    **NOTICE** The following tenants feature may be somewhat buggy, so that's why this update was referred to as a "tenants beta." You may experience a crash initially and then be able to boot the game thereafter, and if you have any Viera crew members they may be affected or disappear altogether. Sorry for this, but it was necessary to rebuild this portion of the mod properly.

    -Rebuilt tenants by making each gender and sub race their own species. Purchase one of the racial items from Nanzie's shop:

    -Ruby Feol Crest of Wings: Spawns Feol female
    -Emerald Feol Crest of Wings: Spawns Feol male
    -Heart of the Wood: Spawns Rava/Veena female
    -Spirit of the Wood: Spawns Rava/Veena male


    Pair one of the above mentioned objects with a colony deed and you'll be able to spawn a corresponding Viera villager! Add a combat object: Bow rack or Sword rack to the same room and you'll be able to spawn a Viera guard! Guard support is currently only for Rava/Veena Viera, but Feol may be added when their branch can fully be filled out in the mod.

    - Viera NPC Villager and tenant dialog: Previously Viera tenants and villagers were not reciting any of the dialog I had written for them. Now they all speak as they should!

    -Changed Red Mage, and tiers iv, vs, vis head items to not show ears. There was a conflict with the new backwards facing Viera ear style.

    -Tier VA & VIA now have color options!

    -Skin tone color choices for players have gone from three to thirty-four! It was suggested by players previously that I add more skin color options, and I am happy to oblige. Spawnable Viera tenants also have access to these!

    -Edited a few hairstyles/wigs to make them look better. Will add and edit more in the future!
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