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Outdated Working Tiered Levers and Switches 1.0

Enable tiered levers and switches to be used as objects for wiring

  1. CrownFox
    What it does:
    Changes Tier 1 - 9 Lever code to allow levers to be toggled and used in wiring as intended
    Only the Tier 10 Lever works as intended
    All levers Tier 3 and above can be reoriented to face either direction.

    How it works:
    It uses the part of the Handscanner object coding as the basis for rewriting the code. The levers referenced data that no longer exists, thus weren't able to work. This uses the correct frames, animation and script.

    How to Install:
    Simply unzip the file, then copy the "assets" folder to your Starbound directory.
    It will ask to overwrite "tier#switch.frames" and "tier#switch.object"; choose to overwrite.
    It will also overwrite "tier6switch.png", as I have added an "off" state to that switch.

    If you'd like, you can also create backups of the switch folders from this directory:
    Place the tier#switch folders outside of the game directory, or they may crash the game.
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    Version: 1.0
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