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WW Furnishing 2.6

Various themes for all your furnishing needs: CT-EXE, Cirque du Sombre, Gothic Lolita, Greek, etc

  1. Version 2.6 Blast from the Past has arrived!

    ♦️ Additions:
    × 3 New themes: RetroATOMIC, Ride the Vaporwave & Totally Radical.
    × New drinks:
    • Beetle Juice by Kevin
    • Essence of Science by Kevin
    • Pickle Juice by p_trevogin
    • Scottish Deathwish by Raiizy
    × New clothing items in the Wisteria Whisker's District clothing shop.
    × Following themes had new items added:
    • Artist's Supplies
    • Autumn Breeze
    • Cirque du Sombre
    • Clockwork, Pipes & Cogs
    • CT-EXE
    • Frills & Roses
    • Gothic Lolita
    • Home Essentials...
  2. 2.5 just before the Autumn is gone!

    We bring you a new Autumn theme: Autumn Breeze
    A total of 7 new drink have been added.
  3. Second anniversary of WW Furnishing!

    Two years of Wisteria Whiskers Furnishing! To thank everyone for their support, we have a new update with the following:

    ♦️ Additions:
    × 3 brand new themes: Artist's Supplies, Vintagely Upcycled & our new theme representing Wisteria Whiskers as a brand: WW-DRK!
    × 11 brand new bar drinks! With multiple authors.
    × Circus Bubblegum Machine.
    × 4 Existing themes got brand new baluster railings.
    × Electric Kettles & Spice Racks for Home Essentials.
    × 3 Abstract paintings for Sleek & Elegant.
  4. Bring out your swimsuits, it's summer time!

    ♦️ Additions:
    × Brand new theme! Get ready for the summer with the Tropical Summer Dream theme!
    × A new instance! The WW District. You can travel there by finding the teleporting device in the chest under the outpost where the dude with the mask is.
    × New biome! Only available through terraforming. Purchasable at the WW District.
    × 1 new item in the CT-EXE theme.
    × 1 new item in the Gemstone Paradise theme.
    × 1 new item in the Gothic Lolita theme.
    × 2 new items in the Neo Imperial & Zen...
  5. Magical Girls Mystic Moon and Sparkly Star appear!

    This update brings:
    ♦️ Brand New Theme! Mystic Moon & Sparkly Star. Fight against evil with this Magical Girl theme!
    ♦️ 1 new object in Greek Goddess.
    ♦️ 1 new object in Spooky Kitty.
    ♦️ 1 new drink.
    ♦️ Neo Imperial & Zen now has its tenant.
    ♦️ Minor sprite fixes.
    ♦️ Minor names fixes.
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  6. Major re-brand! IKN is now WW!

    2.1 Change log:

    First official update of 2020!
    Happy new year!

    ♦️ Major re-brand! IKN is now WW.
    ♦️ Due to reports of items with IDs clashing with other mods, the wallpapers on IDs 403, 404 and 405 were moved to different ones. We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause.
    ♦️ All CT-EXE neon signs have been moved to a vendor of its own that can be purchased off the CT-EXE section.
    ♦️ 10 new neon signs.
    ♦️ 2 new wallpapers.
    ♦️ Brand new theme: Neo Imperial & Zen!
  7. IKN Furnishing 2.0!

    ♦️ Changes to all interfaces - More futuristic now! (Hopefully will never change them again!)

    ♦️ Some sprite fixes/changes including TV Stands (all modified to have the same width), Standing Lamps (all modified the same height) and others. - We apologize for the inconvenience these changes may cause.

    ♦️ Multiple names corrected and files renamed. These will cause the renamed file furniture to disappear as they do not "exist" anymore. You can purchase it again off Loreleine.

    ♦️ Additions...
  8. Brand new update to celebrate IKN's first year!

    ♦️ New items:
    × Spooky Kitty chairs, tables and ceiling lamps.
    × CT-EXE couch, vending machine, racial signs.
    × Bohemia hanging baskets.
    × Hot Rose & Rosé baskets.
    × Spring Festival slightly longer table, curtain and drapes.

    ♦️ New themes!
    × Luxurius Casino
    × Nautic & Sea Voyage
    × Punk Plaid
    × Sleek & Elegant

    ♦️ Fixes and changes:
    × Upgrade to the shop sprite.
    × Buttons color correction in the interface.
    × Cirque Bouncy Ball isn't stiff anymore.
    × TV Stands Size Corrections, including:...
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  9. New themes, items and fixes!

    For this update we bring you:

    ♦️ Changes to the interface to fit more sets.
    ♦️ Changes to the shop sprite. Loreleine got tired of her previous outfit and got a new box to match the interface.

    ♦️ New furniture sets added:
    × Frills & Roses
    × Modern Art Deco
    × Spring Festival
    × Starry Galaxy

    ♦️ Color/shading fix for Gothic Lolita theme.
    ♦️ More signs added to CT-EXE.
    ♦️ Some tenants now have custom clothing.

    ♦️ Credit of the creators to the following drinks were added:
    × Dragon's Breath.
  10. New Themes!

    Change Log:
    × 3 New brands added; Clockwork, Colorful Bohemia & Spooky Kitty
    × 2 New items added to CT-EXE
    × 2 New items to Goth Loli
    × Items removed from Pixel Printer
    × New Drinks!

    × Happy Birthday Izzy!