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Your Starbound Crew 4.98

Go on missions to collect a crew for your ship!


    Long time no talk everyone, I've been working on a big project that I thought might make it into this update, but it'll have to wait until the combat in a few weeks. ANYWAYS. If you have the nightly installed and are looking to test some content, here you go:


    To access the new content enter into admin mode (type "/admin" after pressing enter), and then type in "/warp instanceworld:crewplanetforest", then...
  2. Mid Game Missions

    Hey everyone, smaller update here. Hoping to get mid game missions done by next week along with a good start on some of the end game goodies I've been thinking of.

    - Changed crew priority from 10 to 25, so now you should be able to put whatever furniture you want in your crew member's room.
    - Finished the Ocean Temple off a little more
    - Added the Ruined City mission to Dr. Petraft
    - Added the Sky High Research mission to Maneka
    - Added the ability to get more architects for your base (just...
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  3. Sorry about that!

    Sorry about the delay everyone, real life has gotten in the way of doing the fun Starbound modding. Here's a quick update, with more to come soon.

    Added the ability to catch critters with your bug net (Starbound Pokemon, aw yeah!), and view which ones you've caught in the creature capture station. All 76 critters are available to catch.
    Added small quest lines to the crew members to keep y'all busy. Taylor deals with exploring and finding treasure, Maneka is about capturing more critters,...
  4. Stable is here!

    The change log is below, but there's a lot more to come!
  5. Stable is here!

    The change log is below, but there's a lot more to come!
  6. Stable is coming soooooon!

    Hey everyone, just a quick update here to let everyone know this works on unstable.

    - Redid a few things on the missions
    - Added a very rough dungeon for Mr. Sora to get four Novakid tenants to put on your bases through out the game. There's the healer that gets you (surprise) healing items, a weaponsmith that only gives weapons, a miner that gives you lots of ore, and an adventuruer that gives you treasure.
    - The crew members have new names! I'm sad to lose LoveJones, but now when you get...
  7. Total revamp

    Hey everyone! I figured I'd show you all what I was working on in nightly, so here we go!

    Everything in the old mod was deleted, and I completely started over.
    All crew members have missions associated with recruiting them, and all of them have been completely redone.
    Crew members no longer act as crafting stations. Instead they are now tenants that live on your ship, offering various things. This also means they can finally talk. HURRAY.

    Lovejones: Focuses on exploration, might reward you...
  8. It Works!

    Sorry that took so long after the update everyone, I was having a lot of fun working on my other mod, Starbound Side Stories.

    - Took out unstable star systems. If you wish to continue using a similar star system, Starbound Side Stories includes Ancient Stars. Unstable stars just didn't really fit with this mod.
    - Changed all thirty npcs in the mod or whatever so that they all work, hurray!
    - Added teleporters to missions so that those are able to be completed
    - Added the ability to bookmark...
  9. Sorry it took so long!

    Hey everyone, I've been working on some stuff outside of modding, so apologies on not updating sooner! Hopefully I'll be able to start getting out more consistent updates like a few weeks ago.

    - The crew should stand still significantly longer (instead of 5-10 seconds, it's now 20-30, but I'll continue to change it as you all see fit), and only move two spaces instead of three. This should really cut down on the annoyance of having them walk away from you.
    - Fixed the final LoveJones...
  10. Critical bug

    - Changed missions so magic pink wasn't interfering
    - Fixed the lighting and dungeon levels so they don't look weird (like being at the bottom of the ocean in the hunter mission, whoops)
    - You can now get to the hunter on his mountain

    Other bug fixes and stuff will come later, but the hunter should now be available. Sorry I didn't notice earlier!
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