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"A Game Workshop"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tomnes, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Tomnes

    Tomnes Space Spelunker

    I already know that mod that type of game is a thing preaty difficult, and i know that have a lot of players asking for "Mods". Today i'm here trying to help, giving a easier way to sattisfact us(players).
    Sometimes, Risk of Rain start to be tiring, because all the time you do the same things, kill mobs, bosses, clear levels, same characters, itens and other points. Now imagine that same journey, with new things, that players can create and put it for download in a workshop. Better right?
    Risk of Rain is a game that have a great pottential for mods, because it could be a infinity adventure, restarting, killing mobs, came back for that level, kill mobs again and goes away.
    I know is difficult, but it's a great investment to make the game grow up faster and more funny. I'm not asking to mod all the game, creating a new idea of quests or scenaries, just able players to put theirs ideas on the game.
    If you guys can't do it, i understand, but try to make sometring that make the game less repetitious.

    Thanks all of you for reading that, sorry about english errors.
    *Obs: Create a boss itens box on command artifact, gonna be awesome!
    • Mastaaa

      Mastaaa Void-Bound Voyager

      I'm not sure modding the game would even be possible because of how Game Maker works, I could be wrong though

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