A New Tech: Shrink Technology

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Alexthe666, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Alexthe666

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    The general focus of this thread is a new tech: "Shrink Technology".

    Shrink Technology would be a head "tech". It would allow players to shrink to just one block tall, or half the size of a spike/sonic sphere. This seems useless at first, but Shrink Technology is actually a combination of many techs that are equaled out, along with something else special that will be covered later.

    It would be activated like any other head tech: pressing the "F" key would make the player shrink, having an animation akin to the beam up one. Once the animation is finished, the player would be 1 block tall.

    Once the player is one block tall, they gain a multitude of effects. These include, but are not limited to: reduced fall damage, reduced effect from gravity(slow fall + slightly higher jump), and, of course, being able to go through 1 block holes.

    Probably the final, and most interesting thing, is the use of Shrink Tech along with a rare biome: the underground gnome villages. These villages are already in the game, and are somewhat rare, so you may have seen them before. Once the layer shrinks to 1 block, they should be able to "enter" these tiny buildings. of course, this would be done by the same way the "pocket dimensions" are. NPCs would be inside it(no need for new models, they would just be humans). They can be traded with for things like gnome hats, flares, and tiny lampposts and other tiny blocks.

    Well, that's the general idea of the Shrink Technology, I'd like to hear what the community thinks and hope this suggestion reaches the developers.
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  2. Corraidhín

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    Hah! I like the idea of using the tech for those gnome villages, good one! I am not so sure about the other effects tho, that seems like quite a bit of a nightmare to get working without breaking a plethora of things in the process, I think keeping the movement same as the ... normal size would be most optimal, while keeping the 1x1 size and maneuverability as the key factors of this tech, and the gnomes ofc.

    Besides, it gives a real use to those quirky little towns, other than stomping them flat (which gets boring rather quickly)
  3. Alexthe666

    Alexthe666 Starship Captain

    Yeah, and thanks for going easy on me! I'm new here. I've always been intrested int he gnome villages and wanted a use for them. Maybe you could recruit some gnomes as parts of your crew! They'd be smaller then penguins <3
  4. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Hrrm... they would make fine decorations... perhaps something disney-esque and have them repair stuff in your ship, but as general crew members? youd spend more time taking care not to step on them than the monsters trying to devour them!

    Edit: oh and welcome to these forums.
  5. Alexthe666

    Alexthe666 Starship Captain

    Well, maybe they could be added as more of a part of a new "station block" that allows them to make microtech sorta things. I have no idea what those would do however.
  6. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Hmm... microtech, that would open a window to a lot of ideas I think. Based on buffs I suppose... altho that is covered by some thing and other.

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