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    --Look We ALL Know That When We Make A Colony We Want Some Colony Business Like Colony's Food Requirement Water Requirement etc.--

    --Look Chuckle Fish I Get it You Dont Want To Players Bored About Gathering Food And Water All Time
    But Atlest Plz Add Some Child I Mean Cmon We Are In A UNIVERSE THAT HAS NO CHILD--

    --Sorry For Shouting You Are Making A Game About Space Right? Your Game Is Cool Mech Added That Cool To
    But You Missed The Best Part Of Space And That is Colonys (P.S : My English is Bad So Plz Dont Care The Wrong Typing) Now Think About It Chuckle Fish You Are in Space And You Make A Colony BAM COLONY IS UNDER ATTACK BY PENGUINS Or A METEOR IS GONNA CRUSH THE COLONY Now That Events Will Be Awesome Dont You Think?--

    --You Can Avoıd Them Building Guards Or Anti Spaceship Lazers I dunno
    Now You Are Sayıng if we do that 1) They Will Think Twice About Making A Colony And 2) This IS A ADVENTURE GAME--

    look I Get it I Know What Will You Say But Think About It THEY ARE ONLY USİNG COLONY FOR FAST MONEY But It ıs OP Too Making A Colony Done No Food No Water Take Money WOW Well I Am Look Like A Bad Guy But No Hard Feelings Ok? This Was A Suggestion I Hope You A Better Game Good Luck On Your Game--
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    If you want someone to read your post, make it so it's actually legible. I can hardly read half of the things you wrote because it's in a wide variety of colors.
    Make your argument more cohesive. Right now, it just sounds like a rant.
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    If this idea is implemented, all we'll need left is a Space version of Preston Garvey.

    "Captain, another colony needs your help, here, I'll mark it on your map."
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