RELEASED Abandoned Joja Mart

Discussion in 'Mods' started by HarrisonGrey, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. HarrisonGrey

    HarrisonGrey Yeah, You!

    Alright, I've published my first mod: Abandoned Joja Mart. With this mod, once Joja Mart has been abandoned after the Community Center is completed, you can use the crate behind the building to get back in. Inside is a version of Joja where the people have gone, most of the stock has disappeared, and nature is beginning to reclaim the land.

    There's a 10x10 patch of tillable ground for you to raise crops on; the inside of the building is treated like a Greenhouse, so all crops are available all year long. Unlike the Greenhouse, however, you can also grow forest trees for lumber or syrup production, and there are several tillable tiles for trees throughout the building. There's even a register still running with a rotating selection of trash for super cheap.

    This was aesthetically inspired by the JuniMart mod, and only affects the inside of the building, so it's fully compatible with it.

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