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    At the start, I'm sorry for the mistakes. My English isn't very good, so I help myself with
    I hope you will understand what I mean and your eyes won't bleed. Probably this is happening right now...
    To the point:

    I played some games where you "collect" items and ALWAYS comes a time when you have very much chests with items.
    Too much. And here there is a problem:
    There is so much chests that you have to go from one end of the base to the other, to storage e.g. swords in 'sword chest', potions in 'potion chest' etc.
    And if you don't play the game for sometime, you forget where you storage different types of items. You can of course 'signify' chests but in the long term it's just another complication.

    ... so ...

    To eliminate these problems it should be added a kind of container with 'advanced sort and search system' (to help you find fast what you need, where you could search items by a name, type etc.) and infinite capacity (or if it's impossible, very very big capacity) - consequently it should 'occupy' a lot of space . It shouldn't be easy to 'crafting' of course, so it should require rare resources and techs.
    I think "item" like this, would be extremely useful and helpful in game. I'm not programmer but I think it isn't difficult to add such 'object', which could save us a lot of time.

    BTW. If you have doubts; Here is list of players, who like waste time on manual sorting items:

    Thanks for reading.
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    Yea perhaps something as simple as linking all storage lockers in a single building/ship. Then a quick stack might even suffice. If the linked lockers appeared as tabs when you open any given locker, perhaps showing their first item as an icon for the tab. For me that would be plenty sorting, though I understand you're suggesting an actual sort function.

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