Agriculturist should be reflected in item descriptions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by epiqu1n, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. epiqu1n

    epiqu1n Space Hobo

    After taking the agriculturalist perk (10% faster crop growth), it has become a bit tedious to plan which crops to grow - especially towards the end of a season.

    The seed descriptions still list the normal growth time and I do not know the rounding rules (does 10.8 round up to 11 or does it get truncated to 10?), so I now have to figure that out and do it in my head every time I look at the stated growth time for seeds.

    Please change it so that the seed descriptions state the adjusted growth time when you have the agriculturalist perk.
    • endly

      endly Starship Captain

      sounds nice, i think Artisan's price change should also be shown in the tooltip/description because some raw items have better prices than the ones from the machines, and some raw items have juuust a bit lower price but still better to sell because it would need a long time to turn into artisan goods just for a tiny margin in price.
      • Scritchowl

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        Make sure to put in the players name that has the boost so that lets say bob comes into your multiworld with artisian doesnt thow off expected pricing because he didnt play today

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