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  1. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Your homeplanet got fu*ked? Too bad you didn't buy our guns!

    Apex Munitions is a privately funded weapons manufacturer. We create some of the best guns available, and put them in the hands of professional adventures for reasonable prices.

    - History: Apex Munitions is founded by Nilux Vallen. He set out to create quality weapons for himself, and soon discovered the joy of producing these beauties. Within a short amount of time, he had begun the creation of Apex Munitions.

    -Products: Apex Munitions manufactures everything from handguns to bazookas – All specially designed by Nilux himself. The weapons come in great variety (Fire rate, ammo types, and design).

    -Associates: Apex Munitions works together with a few associates/ partners. This is mainly in the form of material gathering, and others helping producing the weapons.

    Before you are getting too excited, there are some regulations you’ll have to pass before you can buy our products.

    You’ll need to pass these following regulations:

    -You’ll need a license

    -You’ll need a clean criminal record. If you are wanted by any government, you will not be able to buy weapons from us!

    -WE DO NOT SUPPLY NOR SUPPORT THE APEX CIVIL WARS! Nilux – The founder, is an Apex himself, and does not wish to express any support for either side of the war. Therefore, Apex customers will have to maintain a natural opinion on the war while buying from us.

    Apex Munitions can be contacted by visiting our main compound on the Bohex planet in the Viper-6 system.

    We are currently on the lookout for:

    -Skilled Associates willing to spend time overseeing the production of our weapons.

    -Companies who will assist us in expanding our domain.

    -Construction companies that can help us build factories/ other buildings

    If any of the above requests interests you, feel free to contact Apex Munitions

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    -The Apex Munitions team
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  2. Acce

    Acce Master Chief

    Can you name one of your top products?
  3. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    The Sovereign class Assault rifle - The professionals choice.
    Or perhaps the T6 Inflator Handgun - Loved by mercenaries around the galaxy.
  4. Acce

    Acce Master Chief

    How is your association with the Avian Chocolate Factory??
  5. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Apex Munitions has never been associated with the ACF.
    - That's not to say, that our employers does not enjoy Chocolate.
  6. Aske1123

    Aske1123 Tentacle Wrangler

    Dear Apex Munitions
    I am sad to announce that we will use another firm for protection against pirates.
  7. Aske1123

    Aske1123 Tentacle Wrangler

    It's good to know that the deal is open if i should need the weapons.
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  8. ZioChombo

    ZioChombo Space Penguin Leader

    I would like to apply for a position as engineer.

    I studied at the Applied Development Department at Momonaga National University and made a stage at MoHeIn (Momonaga Heavy Industries), in which I was part of the develpment team of the RP215Z prototype (a coriolis effect reduction attachment), which you may be already aware of. After graduating at the MNU I specialized in long range weapons and I was offered an engineer position at Utoka Firearms Corp., my homeland's biggest weapons company, but it blew up with the planet, therfor I'm looking for a related working position.
    I heared about Apex Munitions first when I was at MNU and I've been always interested about the corporation, but considering the lack of your industries in my original planet I haven't applied earlier.

    I hope that you will consider my application and add me as part of this great industry.

    Sincerely, Logan Vinterfell
  9. Acce

    Acce Master Chief

    Dear Apex Munition
    We at Avian Chocolate Factory would like to get into a business arrangement with you. We have watched your business for awhile, and we have concluded that it would benefit both of our buisnes. we would like to offer you an 10% discount plus 2 Chocolate fountains, in exchanged of 5% discount at all purchase of Apex Munitions. We hope that you would consider it please leave your answer at Avian Chocolate Factory.
    -Twinky Pagahh, Head of ACF
  10. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Dear Logan Vinterfell

    We were very pleased to hear from you. Here at Apex Munitions, we are always looking for talented people, who can help improving our products.
    We were very impressed with your educational background, as well as your work with the RP215Z. So we have no doubt, that you are qualified for the job - but experience isn’t all.

    We would like to hear what you can bring to the table - If you have any new ideas for the company.

    We hope to hear from you soon

    - Apex Munitions
  11. ZioChombo

    ZioChombo Space Penguin Leader

    New weapon prototype: AM11G, aka

    Weapon type: gas operated, bolt-action sniper rifle

    Ammo: 12,7 x 99mm standard rounds

    Magazine capacity: 8 rounds

    Standard scope: x8 (night vision integrated, it can be activated by switch on the left side of the scope)

    Effective range: 1900m

    Length: 138cm

    Weight: 14,6 kg

    Standard attachments: RP215Z; SP37KT*; bipod; recoil reduction butt (to ease stress on shoulder)

    [*aka SPEKTRO, is a 2 parts device - laser pointer and analysis screen - that works by pointing the laser on a surface: the system analyzes the material and, by searching through an archive which can be updated, shows the bullet with the best piercing power against that material. It has a max effectiveness of 1000m and 3m deep through solid materials.]

    Optional attachments: thermal/magnetic/ballistic scope, laser sight, suppressor, flash suppressor, foregrip.

    General description: the AM11G is a high precision sniper rifle which is adapt for special operations and hunting big sized creatures with hard shells or as anti-materiel. The standard attachments grant a great firing support and solo actions. Due to them, though, the rifle becomes quite bulky and heavy, therfor not reccomended for fast operations.

    Pro: - good range; - good standard attachments; - great stopping power; - versatile; good standard piercing power.

    Con: - heavy; - bulky; - low rate of fire; - quite expensive due to high level atttachments.


    Just let me know if it may be a good product
  12. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Dear Logan Vinterfell

    Earlier today, your plans for the AM11G Sniper Rifle were presented to the Apex Munitions administration. We find your work very impressive, and the administration has agreed to offer you a position in our Weapons Design Department. Your detailed description of the AM11G, definetly shows that you possess the skill and creativity we requested from you.

    The AM11G would be an excellent addition to our selection of weapons, as we currently are in need of Sniper Rifle designs.

    The Design itself looks promising: The good range of fire, the fantastic stopping power as well as the many attachments available for the rifle.
    As you mentioned, the rifle is pretty heavy. But thanks to some new prototype materials we have in the work, we might be able to help with that. As for now, we can’t tell you much about it.

    A few things you should consider before accepting the job:
    -You most likely need to be relocated from your current home planet.
    -You may be moved between different projects (depending on where you are needed, and therefore you may not always see a project through).
    -If you are relocated, we will provide you with an apartment close to the compound of where you will work.

    Additionally, we are currently working on improving our S12 Sovereign Assault Rifle – A project we would like you to lend a hand with.

    If you find the job appealing, please contact us again soon!

    -Apex Munitions
  13. ZioChombo

    ZioChombo Space Penguin Leader

    It will be a great honor and pleasure, working for your company.

    Regarding the relocation topic, I'm fully aware of the fact and it's not a problem, I find stimulating move from my current place to come and cooperate with you.

    As for the S12 Sovereign Assault Rifle I'm looking forward to collaborate, therfor I need to know as much as possible about the current project and what level of improvement you are looking for.

    Hope our collaboration will start soon.

    -Logan Vinterfell
  14. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Dear Logan
    On behalf of Apex Munitions, I welcome you to the company. I'm very pleased with your decision of joining the company, and i'm sure you'll be just as glad as well.
    I have seen your plans surrounding the AM11G, and it looks stunning - I'm really impressed with your work. As for the S12 Sovereign improvement project, you'll receive information soon.

    Currently, you don't have to worry about getting relocated - We need to set up a new workshop for the design team first.
    You will receive information regarding the S12 Sovereign soon.

    - Nilux Vallen - Founder and CEO of Apex Munitions
  15. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Greetings Logan Vinterfell
    You have been assigned to the S12 sovereign improvement project, and we are therefore present the following information to you.
    The S12 Sovereign assault rifle is an updated version of the older S11 model.

    Weapon type: Assault Rifle
    Ammo: 5.56x45 mm incendiary rounds
    Range: 620m – Point target
    Mag capacity: 38 rounds
    Weight: 4.8 kg
    Available attachments: Reflex scope, grip, 3x scope, cooler ship (for heat reduction), laser sight.

    The Sovereign Assault rifle series of weapons has been a trademark of the company. We are constantly trying to improve upon our products, and we therefore ask you to work on new ideas for the new S12 model.
    At the projects current state, we desperately need a new venting system, so that the gun does not overheat. (Since the incendiary rounds create much heat, the gun overheats very easily).

    With this file, we are also providing you with a picture of the gun at its current state.

    S12 Sovereign.png

    If you need any further information regarding the S12, feel free to ask.

    - - Apex Munitions
  16. ZioChombo

    ZioChombo Space Penguin Leader

    I would like to suggest a liquid nitrogen operated device linked to the trigger. The machine pumps the liquid through a coil pipe that surrounds the barrel. It takes 0.318 seconds for the liquid to travel through the pipe and return to the pump. It has 2 modes: automatic and manual. The automatic mode activates the pump every 19 tics ( 1tic = 1 shot ); the count resets when the device is turned off and when it's switched to manual funcion. The manual mode is self explainatory, it operates when pressing a button on the pump.
    The device must be manually turned on/off and has a battery that grants a 12h continuous operation.
    The liquid nitrogen's tank is detachable. (It's recomended to change it at least once a year)

    This is a visual explaination of the device:

    RED: possibile pump location
    YELLOW: refrigerated area

    This is, in sum, the idea I've come sofar. I hope the administration will take it into consideration.

    -Logan Vinterfell
  17. Fishcake

    Fishcake Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hello, we are Metro Prospekt. We are a new company that will need services from other industries. Are we able to do a trade agreement for both of our companies to thrive?
  18. Fishcake

    Fishcake Pangalactic Porcupine

    Metro Prospekt will accept your offer.
  19. Niclau

    Niclau Void-Bound Voyager

    Greetings Logan Vinterfell

    The administration likes your idea of implementing a liquid nitrogen pump very much. We agree that it would help decrease the heat, and overall improve the weapon.
    One of our secondary design teams has taken a look at your design, and are offering to redesign the gun itself, so that the pump and nitrogen tank can be implemented into the weapon.
    Would you like them to give you a hand, or do you wish to do it yourself?

  20. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    Do you, perchance, have a form for me to fill out for a custom weapon?

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