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    posted these on Nexus and forgot to post them here lol
    Download and more info at Nexus
    I noticed the lack of Asian animals for stardew while making a asian-themed save, so I decided to make some! This is a content patcher mod and replaces the following:
    Brown chickens with Japanese quails
    White chickens with Chabo chickens
    Blue chickens with Onadagori chickens
    Void chickens with Lady Amherst's pheasants
    Ducks with Mandarin Ducks (both male and female versions, only choose one)
    White cows with Belted Zebus
    Brown cows with Freckled Zebus
    and Goats with Japanese Serows

    all sprites are by me and have baby versions, as well! Just plop it into your mods folder and you're good to go 0v0

    **Feel free to use these with adopt n skin!


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