Bachelor(ettes) marry each other

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    Not that necessary, but might help with a community feeling and less of a "stuck in time" vibe if the bachelor/ettes you don't marry hook up with each other. Maybe they could have their own kids, or maybe not (depends if they're the type who would even want kids). Rival heart events might be interesting to see, too, because you can see their relationship unfur.

    (It'd also be great if there was a proper ending to Marnie and Lewis, especially after the ordeal where you go "I'll tell everyone about you!" and Lewis sobs about it. Like, Lew. Just. Get. Married already. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE AN ITEM.)

    Granted, this game has been out for 4 years now, so... If these things don't happen for SV, then maybe they can be kept in mind for a future title?
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