Bare-knuckle Brawling or Other Combat Sports

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  2. Alex

  3. Elliott

  4. Clint

  5. Haley

  6. Pierre

  7. Shane

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  1. Gabaw

    Gabaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Picture this: You just spent 6000 on a fruit tree. You pick the perfect spot for it. It's wonderful. You watch it grow in to a marvelous sapling, your mouth watering at the prospect of ripe fruit. Your only wish in life is to provide the citizens of Pelican Town a fresh jelly or jam, maybe some specialty wine for any occasion. Your heart flutters in excitement and your wallet will be equally thankful.

    Then you accidentally chop it down with your axe.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest a fighting arena in the basement of the Adventurer's Guild for all your blind, murderous rage. Here you can box against other contestants local and foreign for the Stardew Valley Championship Title Belt. There would also be monster-slaying events in which you have a time limit and face a gauntlet of beasts, sometimes at once, sometimes in series.

    It could benefit your combat stat so you can go into the mines better prepared. You could gain small rewards like rings or buffs on victory and various debuffs on losses. You could also gamble on monster-vs-monster fights like a filthy degenerate.

    All of these things have the added benefit of turning the Adventurer's Guild into a proper organization. There's more to do than just show up. Would you pass on beating up Elliott's smug mug? Everyone you hate gets to face you where it counts - In the octagon.
    • Avdima

      Avdima Starship Captain

      You just made me very afraid to even approach my trees with an axe in my backpack. Does this really take one hit, or you accidentally chopped it... and chopped... and chopped again, until it fell?
      • NoiZeBeAsT

        NoiZeBeAsT Void-Bound Voyager

        Fruit trees need the same amount of hits as the normal "wood-trees" do. And there also remains a stump.
        • Gabaw

          Gabaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Your fruit trees are safe. Just be careful around those tender saplings. If you make the same mistake I did then you need the Adventurer's Guild Fisticuffs Federation™! Did I also suggest beating up your friends in co-op? I have now. Settle your differences the way society intended.

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