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    I enjoy survival aspects in games, but they need to be done right for them to be considered fun rather than tedious. There are many ways you can improve the current hunger system, but here is my idea of something I'd like to see within the game.

    The big problem with the current system is the fact that your hunger bar depletes at the same rate, regardless of what food you eat. So whether you eat berries or a meal, your hunger depletes at the same rate. Sure better foods give you more hunger points and nice buffs, but it's the hunger bar depletion which I'm concerned about when I'm eating. So instead what you can do is not only make food give you food points which replenish your hunger bar, but also a new feature, saturation. Each point of saturation that a food will give you, will give you a larger bar beyond what your hunger bar is capable of fulfill. Of course, this bar will be capped, allowing you to go 100% beyond the hunger bar. This saturation bar will first deplete before your actual hunger bar starts depleting. A similar system is within Minecraft.

    However in Minecraft, this feature is not visible, which I believe should be visible. The saturation bar should be on top your hunger bar, being a darker brown. Once that darker brown food bar depletes, your hunger begins dropping. If all this sounds confusing, please let me know. With this, harder to make foods would actually be better and more filling, making you play longer without eating continuously.
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