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Feedback Better identification of enemies resistances/weaknesses(maybe general strenght)?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Ludovic, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    I was recently playing Starbound in the nightly development branch lately and I was fighting monsters on a planet when suddenly I encountered a group of mixed monster species.

    As with most times I used the powerful fire elemental sniper I'd grown to enjoy to dispatch them but fighting the different enemy types I realized one thing... the sniper wasn't doing the same level of damages to different enemies.

    It could have been me simply unaware of other stats(like the difference between the actual defense of different monstsers) but I heard somewhere else that damage resistance might have already made it into the game. If anything I liked the discovered because it confirmed to me that not ALL enemies on a planet shared the same stats and attributes with only form and attack patterns as difference.

    So I was wondering, now that we actually have icons and symbols to identify active status effects on a player... could a similar system of symbols be implemented under the healthbars of monsters to better identify those who might be stronger or weaker against specific elements, possibly alongside other attributes(such as a loose identification of the power level of the monsters compared to others of the same planet)?

    I was wondering because it took me a very specific instance of fighting a mixed group of enemies to realizes that they not only moved and looked differently but indeed had different stats from each others beyond possibly just HP count.
    A simple system of symbols, like those already present for players status effects, do feel like it could go a long way toward identifying those monsters whose attributes are different from others beyond their attack pattern and looks :)

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