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    Does this sound familiar? You're super excited to finally marry your bae Shane and then, to your disappointment, there is barely any change in your interactions. I was. Very. So much so I made this mod!

    (This IS my first mod so I'm sorry if there are any bugs or errors. I have tested it pretty thoroughly on my files but I don't know if there might be some problems for others.)

    I am totally open to suggestions on how I can improve the mod, as well as possible implementations you would like to see added!

    Track this mod so you can follow all the updates~!

    Nexus DL:



    About This Mod:
    This mod aims to make Shane's marriage dialogue less cold and more enjoyable, as well as enhance the interactions you have with him and the other villagers. I will be updating this mod on a regular basis.

    If you use this mod it is HIGHLY recommended you use it with this portrait mod since my mod uses custom portrait images I edited from the original DCBurger ones. I also highly recommend using it with Shane Dialogue Overhaul since my mod's Shane is somewhat based off of this portrayal. If not, I recommend trying out just the Flirty Villagers Mod to make things more interesting.

    First back up your original files, as well as your portraits. The portrait edit I made does override a few of the original pictures used in Shane's non-married dialogue, so it's best to only add my mod AFTER you have married him. In order to install this mod extract the Dialogue folder into your Stardew Valley 'Characters' folder and allow it to override. Do the same with the portraits. Don't forget to save the Shane.png OVER the DCBurger edit!



    THIS MOD IS NOT PG. It's more like PG-13. There are some not-so-subtle innuendos and dirty talk so you have been warned. Nothing explicit though, just a little *winkwinknudgenudge* kinda thing. ALSO I may have romanticized Shane. I am not trying to sweep away his personality (and I hope that is evident in the dialogue) but I did want to show Shane's improvement with his alcoholism and depression thanks to the player's support. If you have any ideas/suggestions on how to make the dialogue seem more "in character" please feel free to let me know.


    Along with Shane, you can also talk to different villagers and they will actually comment on your marriage! Most of the bachelors and bachelorettes say different things depending on your heart level, season, or day of the week. People with new dialogue so far are:

    • Abigail (1-2 lines)
    • Alex (1 line)
    • Clint (1 line)
    • Elliot (2-3 lines)
    • Emily (1-2 lines)
    • Gus (2-3 based on 4 level heart)
    • Hayley (3-4 lines)
    • Harvey (1 line)
    • Jas (7-8 lines)
    • Leah (1 line)
    • Lewis (2-3 lines)
    • Marnie (10-12 lines)
    • Penny (2-3 lines)
    • Pierre (1-2 lines)
    • Sebastian (2-3 lines)

    Optional: If you would like people (and Shane) to comment on your anniversary, I will provide the files I use for that personally. All you simply have to do would be change my current anniversary date (Spring 20) to whatever date you want within the dialogue files. You can do this by downloading and using XNB Node found here.


    Future Content:

    • Add new dialogue for all villagers
    • (Possibly???) Add more heart events (If I manage to learn how to make custom events???)

    Change Log:
    1.1 Fixed misspellings and bugs, added more somber dialogue dealing with Shane's depression.

    Nicer Villagers Mod by Kagurahime
    Hi-Res Portraits by Ra)
    DCBurger Portraits by farandole91
    New Shane Dialogue by rhapshie

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      Thanks for this! I was already using a marriage dialogue edit I liked, but I'm adding some of your edits to that file as I type this.

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