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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by MelOzone, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. MelOzone

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    Perhaps I've not searched hard enough? Perhaps there are such topics? Can't I seriously be the only one?

    Current water is... bearable for a beta, but looks poor in the released game.

    1) Graphics. It is bad when compared to the game in general. Seriously. Try to create a waterfall and you'll immediately understand what I mean.
    2) Physics. Currently water in SB has poor physics that does not correlate with the real liquid physics.
    For example:
    Liquid behaviour is inconsistent. Observed on oceanic planets. If you place background underwater, sometimes water level will stop when it reaches the lower edge of the background (provided the water enters the cistern from below), sometimes not. There is no understanding of atmosphere. If you build a waterproof room underwater, then make a hole in the lower section, the water fills the entire room. In real world water almost cannot fill a pressurised vessel, the fact that is used in diving bells (I say "almost" because water pressure actually can compress the atmosphere inside the bell to some extent but it's usually hardly visible and can be ignored in case of simplified game mechanics).

    Test case: "diving bell" made from blocks underwater (with background), with water inside manually removed. As soon as at least 1 background/wall block is removed, the whole room is considered non-pressurized and will be filled with water top-to-bottom - regardless of the hole location. Even in it was considered "waterproof" before (for example, had no "floor" but wasn't filling with water).
    Actually, I would go as far as calling this a bug.
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  2. oinkgamer

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    Can you really call this a bug? I dont think starbound was going for "realistic simulation" when it lets me build flying houses by clearing out the ground from under it.
  3. MelOzone

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    In case of inconsistency - yep, I think so. When the validity of created structures depends on the order of player's actions, not on their result - why not?
    As a little mind exercise, imagine you build a house for your tenant, and if you place a lamp then a door it's valid, but not valid if vice versa.

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