Mob Biom specific parts/colouring bias.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bakubakuba, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Bakubakuba

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    I'm all about the procedural and random, and as many parts as possible to make creatures unique.
    My idea is simple though. For each biom there would be a slight procedural bias towards ceraint parts, colours, creature types. Some parts would be reserved for bioms, but a lot would be open to other bioms just more or less common. It wouldn't mean that all forests would have similiar creatures, just that forest planets would have more foresty creatures from time to time.

    Snow biom - Furry creatures and white creatures could be more common.
    High gravity - Small, low creatures, not jumping creatures could be more common.
    Low gravity - Big forms, light gliding creatures.
    Lava - Rocky, firy, dark creatures.
  2. Armed Mosquito

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    I agree but I think they might be doing that now actually, the garden area actually has specific surface spawning making it much easier then other biomes to say spawn a unique monster randomly in the garden. I totally agree with you though in the sense I would love to go to a Artic planet and see Artic type monsters and of course penguins! hehe

    I'm working on a mod like what you talk about just as a heads up if your playing nightly you can actually get early access to my mod by subscribing and then anytime I got a new update for it early access subscribers will get to use the mod before I release it in the forums here aka it will be the stable version on here.

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